CAA Launches ‘The Hubb’, a Training Ground for the Music Industry

With The Hubb, Creative Arts Agency is creating a training ground for the music industry.

The Creative Arts Agency (CAA) has launched a new program.

To help college students break into the music industry, the talent agency has launched The Hubb.  The networking and professional development summit – an invitation-only event – is being designed to provide talented students with the tools and resources needed to enter the music industry.

The CAA named The Hubb after Barbara ‘Mother’ Hubbard, the Executive Director of the American Collegiate Talent Showcase (ACTS).  ACTS provided scholarships to students interested in pursuing careers in the performing arts, including on-stage and behind-the-scenes.

Hosted at CAA’s office in Nashville since last weekend, The Hubb will include visits to Universal Music Group (UMG), Tri Star Sports and Entertainment Group, and BMI.  This will help students find potential careers in the industry.

Speaking about the decision to host the summit in Nashville, Ruben Garcia, a top CAA Executive, explained,

Nashville is a dynamic city with a vibrant music community, making it the ideal setting for us to launch our first music industry-specific career event.

Garcia added the talent agency wants to provide talent students “with interactive and engaging programming.”  This, he stated, will help them build a successful career in music.  The Hubb will also help them create networking opportunities with industry leaders.

Industry leaders from different areas of the industry, including label operations, A&R, business management, touring, live production, and marketing, will attend the event to provide students with key insight.  Among those are Mike Dungan (Chairman and CEO of UMG), Rob Light (CAA Music Head and Managing Partner), Travis Myatt (Senior Director of Parallel Entertainment), and Lou Taylor (Tri Star Sports and Entertainment Group CEO).  BMI songwriters/artists Cameron Bedell and Alex Hall will also attend The Hubb.  Recruiters will host workshops to help college students understand the tools and skills needed in today’s job market.

Southwest Airlines and Lyft have signed up as official partners for the event.  Other sponsors include Concert Ideas, Pretty Polly Productions, How To Concerts, Babco Entertainment, and More Music Group.


Featured image by Creative Arts Agency.