Marriage of Necessity? Two Longtime Canadian Indie Distributors Are Joining Forces

Has necessity forced Outside Music to partner with Distribution Select?

Two Canadian indie distributors have joined forces.

Starting December 1st, Outside Music in Toronto and Distribution Select in Montreal will work together.  Distribution Select distributes CDs and videos in the country, and Outside Music is heavily focused on physical.

Both companies will merge their sales and distribution services.  They’ll continue to maintain their offices in their respective cities.

Lloyd Nishimura, Founder and President of Outside Music, will continue to lead the indie/management/distribution company.  Christian Breton, Distribution Select’s Vice President, will continue leading his company.  He’ll also manage the sales and distribution services of both companies.

Hinting the alliance will allow Outside Music to continue operating, Nishimura said,

This coming year we celebrate 25 years of supporting great artists and amazing labels.  We are happy to announce an alliance that will allow for continued support of our artist and label partners for years to come.

In an e-mail to Billboard, Nishimura revealed the true cost of the partnership – seven long-time staff members will lose their jobs.

Revealing the move will help Distribution Select maintain its current business model, Breton added,

I know that, as a combined force, we can enhance our label support, and maintain great service to our retail partners.  We can also offer new labels an excellent alternative in both the French and English markets, particularly those that remain dedicated to a physical sales presence.

No one will lose their jobs at Distribution Select.

The company remains the dominant player in Quebec, with a 65% French music market share in the province.  Distribution Select has a catalog of more than 8,200 video titles and 12,700 video titles.

Hinting the move will likely benefit Distribution Select more, Anne Vivien, Executive Vice President of Quebecor, explained,

This is an exciting time for independent music in Canada.  While we are a business in transition, we still have a viable physical business, as well as many growth opportunities in both the French and English markets.  We look forward to building with Outside and their labels and forging new relationships with labels that are looking for an exciting independent alternative.

Quebecor, a telecommunications and media powerhouse, owns Distribution Select.


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