Horrific Knife Fight Leaves Two Injured at Sony Music’s London HQ

A brutal knife fight at Sony Music’s London office has left two men injured.  Police say the injuries aren’t ‘life-threatening or life-changing’.

Evacuating nearby buildings, police stormed Sony Music’s London headquarters in Kensington following a heated argument between two kitchen workers.  ‘Terrified’ Sony London staff members reportedly fled the building.  Others cowered under tables and locked themselves inside their offices.

Describing the brutal knife attack, eyewitnesses saw “blood everywhere.”

Speaking with The Standard, one witness described the scene at the third-floor cafeteria.

There was a lot of shouting and commotion.  It looked like they were having a fight.  One had fallen over and was on his back and the other was standing over him.  I thought he was raining punches down, but then I saw the knife.

It was about six or seven inches long, and he was standing over him trying to get him, stabbing downwards as the other man put his arms up to defend himself.  He was going nuts.  There was a lot of shouting.

Other staff were standing around — they didn’t want to get too close because he had a massive knife.

Hearing screaming everywhere, one employee explained she had “never been so scared” in her life.

Others also described the horrific scene on Twitter.

Just seen the Sony offices emptied.  Workers running down the street.

A man being tackled to the ground.”

Kensington High Street looks like a war zone right now.”

I was on the bus going past Sony when…everyone was rushing out I really hope everyone’s safe :(((.”

Another unnamed female Sony London employee wrote,

[There] was a stabbing downstairs.  All are remaining in our locked rooms but we think police are now here.

Reassuring the public the attack wasn’t terror-related, the Met Police released a statement about the incident.

Officers, including firearms officers, and London Ambulance Service are in attendance.  Evacuations have taken place as a precaution.  Two people have suffered stab injuries – their conditions are not life-threatening or life-changing.  One person has been arrested.

Sony Music UK also issued a statement about the incident.

Sony Music confirmed there was an incident at Derry Street resulting in the building being evacuated.  Two members of the catering team were involved in a violent altercation.  The incident is now in the hands of the Metropolitan Police.

The Guardian later reported police arrested another man in connection with the attack.


Featured image by Sony Music.