Drake Fans Allege Selena Gomez Hacked Her Way to the Top of Spotify’s Charts

Chinese click farms.  Empty warehouses filled with computers streaming music.  Wifi-connected cell phones streaming music non-stop.  These are just some of the purported tactics Drake fans allege that Selena Gomez used to top Spotify’s charts.

Last week, Selena Gomez pulled off what many music fans considered unthinkable.

On November 10th, the pop singer beat out Drake to become Spotify’s most-streamed artist.  Gomez had 46,202,009 monthly listeners.  The Canadian rapper had 46,114,143.

That quickly set off a firestorm of criticism.  The female pop singer hasn’t released a new album since 2015.

Angry about the singer’s ‘achievement,’ Drake’s fans have taken to social media to lambaste Gomez.

The story of Spotify success.

On Twitter, Drake’s fans accused the singer of hacking her way to the top.

No hate but who actually listens to her music??  Like “aye play some Selena Gomez rn”?  What.”

I have never in my life met an actual person who deliberately listens to Selena Gomez.

i saw something about how she has empty warehouses of computers streaming her music and usually i’d be like oh that’s just bitter talking but i really don’t know one person who listens to her and i have never in my life heard the phrase ‘hey have you heard that new Selena Gomez.'”

They have a rather simple explanation for the pop singer’s achievement – Gomez and her label have used automated bots ahead of an unannounced major project.

One user explained a tactic in which major labels purchase a ton of phones.  Then, after connecting them to a Wi-Fi network, they deliberately stream artists on their roster non-stop.

Of course, the concept of gaming streaming service plays isn’t exactly new.  And, it’s actually quite easy to do.

Thanks to the power of the internet, musicians can readily purchase streaming music plays and followers for a relatively low price.  Spotlister, a failed payola service, secured prominent playlist slots on Spotify for artists willing to shell out as little as $2 and as much as $5,000.

Similar services exist to largely inflate SoundCloud plays, getting you on the platform’s Trending chart.  You can also pay as little as $5 to greatly increase your Instagram likes, thus increasing your ‘buzz.’

Of course, Spotify and SoundCloud have long frowned upon these services.  But, that hasn’t stopped users from promoting wild and baseless ideas, including the concept of Gomez using Chinese click farms.

Yet, a simpler explanation remains – people may very well like streaming Selena Gomez.  And, with the singer recently taking another break from social media, Drake’s fans may simply be resentful of her popularity.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that gaming is actually taking place.  That’s currently a bit difficult to prove, though fraud detection systems are becoming more sophisticated.  Already, we’ve seen a fairly robust beta-stage fraud detection solution from Rebeat Innovation, one that could bring dramatic changes to stream inflation and errant royalty accounting.

Spotify itself also has fraud detection systems, and routinely shuts down artists suspected of gaming their streams.  Sophisticated hacks have outsmarted those systems, however, with Spotify alleged to have paid millions to a hacker collective operating out of Bulgaria (Spotify denied the claims).


Featured image by Amanda Nobles (CC by 2.0).

44 Responses

  1. Suzanne Smith

    Something is up cause NOBODY listens to Selena Gomez music like this!!!! SG beating Drake!!!! Fuck no!!!!! Her label must be paying bots to get her music streamed. Theyre probably worried because the bitch hasn’t released an album, cancelled two tours, and basically other than PUms (which ain’t fucking selling) and that little $10M from Coach is all the income the bitch has. She recently sold her home in Forth Worth and is trying to sell that little box she has in the Valley. How bad is this??????? Using bots to booster her songs! Typical Selena Gomez!

    • Anonymous

      Why all this hate towards Selena? What did she do to you personally for you to hate her so much? Seriously, before spreading hate and talking shit you should be using you time searching for the truth!

    • Anonymous

      Ur so bad. I listen to Selena Gomez music she has a wonderful voice u have no right to use bad words for her she stepping up and u should not have any problems with that she is very n don’t say bad words to her can u sing like that no right so shut up

    • Candy

      Theres a lot of listeners of selena gomez here in turkey even in hongkong shes no.1

      • Heba

        Drake is better than Selena Gomez I not a drake fan but it’s true he is a lot better than Gomez

      • Dee

        For real. Selena Gomez always has higher listener numbers during the holidays. Its a fact. Nearly all Disney kids who are now in music go higher in the charts during the holidays. …and Drake aint all that in my opinion. I tend to favor rappers out of ATL with experience behind what they are spitting.

      • Anonymous

        Suzanne smith, YOU are the BITCH. You’re not pretty either so STOP mumbling about selena. You have no right to say such things about her.

      • Anonymous

        Awful your ass. I love her voice. she also has so many followers.

    • Ives

      Well who would even listen to That kiki song that just sounds gay, and the lyrics doesn’t make sense. The fuck is wrong with people?

    • Anonymous

      You need to get your medications, darling, hate will consume you!

    • Humesh G

      Well,if you compare the followers on all platforms,She is beating Drake…so i expect that on any music streaming platforms.Oh and one more point to add…She’s SELENA GOMEZZZZZZ!

    • Bismay007

      Don’t call her a bitch you asshole. She doesn’t fake her popularity. The people near you aren’t listening ti her that doesn’t mean that nobody hears her songs. There are millions and billions of people listening her. for an example see her insta account

  2. Anonymous

    Frankly, I love her music. I stream it almost daily on Spotify.

  3. Sam

    Your article is bullshit. You’re a stupid pressed hater. Selena is on Taki Taki which topped the global spotify chart for over a month recently. That’s how she managed to become the #1 most listened artist on Spotify. Why didn’t u include those FACTS in ur article? Gross lifeless haters.

  4. Anonymous

    Lmao she saying who listens to SG while I’m like who actually deliberately listen to drake says it’s their favorite artists like his songs are heavily autotuned and what not I don’t even get why people like him and yeah not saying that selena Gomez is better either at least her songs are tolerable

  5. Solo yo

    Taki taki suena in all latin America gente! I listen to her music and I am a mother of 2 teens, who listen to both Selena and Drake!

    • Justbeingme

      I am a 55-year-old black woman and I prefer Selena to Drake any day. GTFOH.

  6. Anonymous

    I love Selena and Drake. But I’m really sorry to say this. People outside America prefer Selena’s music than Drake’s. The situation is different than in America. Many people know Selena Gomez. Only very few people know Drake.

    • Anonymous

      yea thats true here in Asia we love SG and we love to hear her music,

    • Anonymous

      Selena is famous worldwide. Drake…not so much. Reality check. Drake who?

  7. Pandana

    I love Selena and Drake. But I’m really sorry to say this. People outside America prefer Selena’s music than Drake’s. The situation is different than in America. Many people know Selena Gomez. Only very few people know Drake.

  8. Eugenesycle

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    определился. Но что меня немного отпугивает – это выбор хостинга для сайта. Хочу
    выбрать надежный, а их на данный момент столько появилось… Посоветуйте какой выбрать.

  9. Dennis

    Are you serious???She is all I listen to everyday and so are millions of people…Fuck this article and drake…

  10. Memel

    I love her song and personality..she is one of the very good role model.. Sorry I never heard about Drake

  11. Anonymous

    Honestly wouldn’t know a Drake song if I heard it. The guy isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Selena though…she’s brave. The Latin World adores her.

  12. Accept the fact she deserves praise

    Here in pak also a LOT of ppl listen to selenas music. Her music unlike drakes is not just rap abt n*ggers and money and s*it but but her lyrics are clean and she really does talk about her feelings like in who says. Plus she has done stuff like be part of unicef, speak up abt lupus and anxiety which may have won hearts and so more fans and listeners. Also, her music is very calming and it’s for all ppl not just young teens.

  13. Anonymous

    Wake up coz everyone does this including and especially Drake!

  14. Mandy


    Could you please let me know where I can find the page for Peaches and Screams UK affiliate scheme.

    It is not on Google or at least I cannot find it 🙁

    Many thanks