Spotify Unveils Inaugural Advertisers for the MENA Region

Because when you listen to music on Spotify’s ad-supported tier, you suddenly want to get a bite to eat.

Prior to its launch in the region, Spotify had posted the price tag for advertising on its platform.

For $200,000, major advertisers could purchase spots on the streaming music giant’s ad-supported service once it went live in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

Last week, Spotify officially launched in the region, providing local music fans with two options.  In most countries in the MENA region, they could pay up to $4.99 for the Premium service.  Or, they could stream their favorite music while listening to ads.

Now, the company has revealed which advertisers paid the hefty price tag.

Thinking about getting a bite to eat or sending money while streaming your favorite songs for free.

On its Spotify for Brands page, the company explains its current advertising philosophy.

The streaming music giant believes music mirrors listeners’ current reality – how they feel and what they’re doing.  Spotify’s Streaming Intelligence platform, for example, provides brands with psychological and behavioral audience insights.  Basically, the more you stream on Spotify’s ad-supported tier, the more brands will know you.  This includes your real-time moods and activities along with where you’re at in life.

With this in mind, the company has unveiled its inaugural advertising partners for local music fans.  Listeners in the MENA region will hear ads from Hardee’s, Lipton, Mercedes-Benz, Cars Middle East, Mountain View, Samsung Gulf Electronics, the Coca-Cola Company, and Western Union.

Several of these brands have a growing presence in the region.  Hardee’s, for example, has nearly 200 restaurants in the Middle East and North Africa (hackers have also hijacked its Middle East website, pointing browsers to spam-filled sites).  Western Union has a strong presence in Saudi Arabia and Egypt, with an otherwise limited foothold in other countries.  Its online presence is also very minor, with limited help for local users.

Partnering with Spotify, these companies have revealed their long-term plan.  They hope to engage with more listeners to increase their presence across the MENA region.

Plugging the platform’s global reach, Brian Benedik, Vice President and Global Head of Advertising Sales, said,

Our commitment to discovery and personalization has helped us to establish relationships with millions of people around the world and in turn, create connections between brands and our users.  We’re excited to open the door for brands and advertisers in MENA to tap into our streaming intelligence and innovative ad formats to connect with music fans.