Spotify Releases Two Mac Miller Songs — Recorded Right Before His Death

Spotify is releasing Mac Miller’s last songs.

Just weeks before Mac Miller succumbed to a drug overdose, the charismatic rapper visited Spotify Studios in New York.  The date was August 15th, 2018.

On September 8th, Miller was found dead in his Los Angeles residence.

The tracks themselves aren’t exactly new material.  The set features an acoustic version of the song “Dunno,” as well as a cover of Billy Preston’s “Nothing From Nothing.”  In total, the songs clock in at a modest 5 minutes and 35 seconds.

Spotify is releasing the tracks as part of its ‘Spotify Singles’ series.  In terms of the release date, Spotify was probably delaying things to avoid accusations of exploitation.

The song set closely follows the release of Miller’s last album, Swimming.  Despite obviously serious drug and alcohol abuse issues, the rapper was rapidly releasing music up until his death.  And for those that caught a Mac Miller performance in the months and years leading up to his death, the rapper didn’t look strung out or disastrously close to death.

Quite the opposite: despite being open about continued addiction issues, Miller was recording and performing with considerable energy.   That’s on display during the Spotify session, which has been viewed over 300,000 times on Twitter alone.

Earlier this month, a toxicology report concluded that Miller died from an overdose involving a lethal mixture of cocaine, fentanyl, and alcohol.  The autopsy was performed just a day after Miller’s death, but the results were deferred pending an investigation.

Miller was just 26 when he died, which is one short of the eerie ‘27 Club‘.  That infamous club refers to a seemingly disproportionate number of famous musicians that have died at age 27, though a raft of deaths above and below that age have lessened the theory’s impact.