Music Ain’t Enough: Pandora, Deezer Announce Major Podcast Expansions

Nearly 50% of US-based audio listeners enjoy at least one podcast per week.

Apple has largely supported the podcasting format through iTunes, making it the primary distribution platform.  But other streaming services like Spotify and Google Play Music have added podcast access as the format has exploded in popularity.

Now, other streaming music services are getting in on the popularity of podcasts.  Pandora’s podcast support is now available to everyone, while Deezer focuses on bringing local podcast content to Spanish speakers.  Both expansions happened this week.

Pandora announced a beta podcast experience just a few months ago.

Now, Pandora listeners can view and listen to their favorite podcasts directly within the Pandora app.

Pandora tested its music categorization algorithm with podcasts to make sure a thumbs up on a podcast will recommend similar shows.

Now, Deezer’s partnership with Voxnest will offer international podcasts to users.

Colombia and Brazil will have access to a wide range of podcast topics to help fuel Deezer’s growth in the Latin America region.

Voxnext’s Spreaker platform helps podcasters with creation, distribution, and monetization.  Spreaker’s library of Spanish-language content comes from creators in Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Spain, and more.

Spreaker will help local podcasts monetize their shows for distribution via Deezer’s network.  Ads are tuned to the listener’s location and country.

“Latin America, already proven to be one of the most important geographies for recorded audio, is really an untapped opportunity for massive growth.”
– Rob Greenlee, Voxnest VP

Deezer has set itself apart from other music streaming services by supporting local content in growing regions.

The Paris-based streaming company recently signed a deal with a Saudi company to provide local content for the Middle East.  Deezer’s focus on local podcasts for South America is yet another effort to expand in a growing region.

Spotify has focused on the growth of podcasts by offering exclusive shows that focus on insiders in the industry.  Just recently, Spotify accepted the Digital Music News Podcast into its nascent podcasting section.