AWAL Opens a New Office in Toronto

AWAL, Kobalt’s digital distribution and label services company, continues to expand.

This year, Kobalt’s AWAL has made several important strategic moves.

Following the sale of its shares in Spotify, the digital distribution and label services company offered complete and transparent distribution to the artists and labels it represents.

AWAL has also signed Beyoncé songwriter Kevin Garrett and Liverpool indie rock band The Night Café.  In addition, the company announced a worldwide recordings deal with country music artist Austin Burke and deadmau5.

AWAL also recently published some advice for indie artists looking to remain on coveted playlists.  The company suggests sharing newly-slotted tracks on social media, encouraging followers to stream the track, and crafting a message featuring an Apple Music/Spotify link.

In addition, AWAL acquired In2une Music, a radio promotion and music marketing company.  This will allow the company to beef-up its global marketing and promotional capabilities for clients.

AWAL also inked a major partnership with former Universal Music Group label, Glassnote Records.  Glassnote’s roster includes Mumford & Sons, Phoenix, Chvrches, The Strumbellas, and Two Door Cinema Clubs, among other artists.  Childish Gambino was previously signed to the label.

Now, the digital distribution and label services company has confirmed another major move.

Moving to Canada.

Earlier this morning, AWAL announced it will open a new office in Toronto.

Set to open in early 2019, the company will grow its North American presence and provide more resources for Canadian musicians.

In addition, AWAL has also confirmed open roles in marketing, client relations, and A&R, among others.  Interested applicants can check out the jobs on Kobalt’s website.

“AWAL’s expansion to Canada’s number one music market reasserts our commitment to support artists and label clients globally,” said Lonni Olinick, the company’s CEO.  “And, we have even more planned in the coming months.”