Following ‘Difficult’ 2018, BASCA’s CEO Will Step Down

Another top British music industry executive has just stepped down.

Several days ago, Digital Music News received a curious e-mail.

Following 12 years of dedicated service at the Worldwide Independent Music Network (WIN), CEO Alison Wenham confirmed that she would step down.

With the company started in 2006, Wenham played a key role in the indie consortium’s creation.  She had resigned as CEO of the UK’s Association of Independent Music (AIM) to join WIN.

Following her efforts at WIN, another major indie consortium soon formed.  The Merlin Network is now a serious negotiation and licensing force for indie artists.

In a statement, Wenham didn’t give reasons for her abrupt departure.

I am immensely proud of all we have achieved in that time and independent music will remain a passion of mine.   I have decided, however, that the time is now right, with the organization in good health, to step down from my position at WIN.”

Now, another major executive had bid farewell.

Adieu, BASCA.

Following 13 years at the organization, CEO Vick Bain will exit The British Academy of Songwriters, Composers, and Authors (BASCA).

She first joined BASCA in 2005, serving as Financial Controller and General Manager.  Bain soon became Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director.

Six years ago, BASCA promoted Bain to CEO.  Under her leadership, she led the organization through an extensive modernization program.  This included partnering with multiple UK organizations.  She also advocated for greater inclusivity and diversity in the music industry.  BASCA also pushed for a fair share of digital revenue for songwriters.

Most recently, the organization openly slammed Sony’s EMI Music Publishing acquisition.

Bain had endured a very difficult 2018.  She overcame breast cancer and other related conditions.  This has ultimately led to her resignation.

In a statement, Bain confirmed,

I have now officially received the all-clear and am feeling fighting fit, but after experiencing a life-threatening condition and reviewing my priorities I feel the time is right to hand over the reins to someone else, and focus on other ambitions, of which I have many.

It has been a great honor to serve and lead BASCA for so long and I wish the organization, our fantastic members, and my wonderful colleagues all the very best for the future.