BTS’s Jimin Breaks SoundCloud’s 24 Hour Streaming Record

Park Jimin of BTS fame released his first solo composition on SoundCloud on December 31st.

Since then, the solo song, called ‘Promise,’ has broken the record for most streams in a 24-hour period.

SoundCloud says ‘Promise’ received over 8.5 million streams in that period.  It also held the top spot on SoundCloud’s Top 50 and the New & Hot charts for 48 hours.

Overall, within the first 72 hours, the song saw more than 15 million plays.

SoundCloud saw traffic from across the globe, though the top five countries were South Korea, the United States, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Japan.  You can listen to the new track below.

The solo Jimin shared the song shortly after midnight on December 31st in a tweet.

“I finally shared my own song with the public. This is a song for me, as it is a song for you. It’s the first time and it is still premature but please enjoy it. Thank you for waiting, ARMY.”

The song was co-composed by Jimin with Slow Rabbit, who also arranged the song.  Jimin and ‘RM’ (formerly Rap Monster) co-wrote the lyrics. This song is Jimin’s first non-album solo release outside of BTS, which could be stirring fears of a solo career break-off.

The SoundCloud record isn’t that surprising given that BTS was the second-most streamed group on Spotify in 2018.

“Fake Love” was the number one K-pop song on Spotify with more than 175 million plays. BTS has more than 11 million monthly listeners on Spotify and became the first Korean artist to reach 1 billion streams on Apple Music.

BTS’s label Big Hit Entertainment recently teamed up with three other companies to create the Korean version of VEVO.  The label also has plans to introduce a new boy band in 2019, backed by one of the most successful music firms on the planet.

But can you make another BTS?

3 Responses

  1. La

    ‘could be stirring fears of a solo career break off’ yes, key word being Could because zero fans are concerned or scared about him going solo considering the members regularly release solo material while in the band.. ie jhope released a solo mixtape in 2018, RM has released two solo mixtapes and worked solo with artists like fall out boy, tiger jk, wale.. so stop spreading lies about concern when it doesn’t exist among fans.

  2. I'm Shocked

    Wow, is this actually a non-negative article about K-Pop and BTS? I’m proud of you, Digital Music News.

  3. acapellaluv

    From the ULSL: Wow, a fact-based, non-negative article on BTS?!?..I seem to remember a diss article on RM’s Mixtape,!that he’d never make it as a solo artist, when he was just releasing creativity & enjoying doing collabs. w/artists he admired..I’m glad he did a collab.w/Juice World (R.I.P.), etc..Having listened to rap most of my life, his Mixtape is amaazing & reached #26, highest of the rappers, or the obvious diss articles, like: “How much plastic surgery has BTS had”? It was NOT a objective “Has BTS had plastic surgery”?
    Hope this is a turn in your journalistic reporting