Live Music Industry Promoters and Execs Team Up to Launch FEAT

Will FEAT successfully curb ticket scalping across Europe?

According to a new report, Viagogo and StubHub have now complied with the demands of the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).

The announcement came after the midnight deadline passed.  Both ticketing resale platforms now comply with “all relevant consumer rights law.”  The move comes nearly a year and a half after the CMA issued a plan to crack down on ticket scalping on all secondary ticketing platforms in the UK.

Now, to cut down on ticket scalping across Europe, top live music promoters and executives have launched a new organization.

Introducing FEAT.

At the Eurosonic conference, executives unveiled the Face-value European Alliance for Ticketing (FEAT).

Like the FanFair Alliance in the UK, the new organization aims to secure better ticket resale practices.  They’ll take on ticket scalping – better known as touting outside of the U.S. – across the continent.

The non-profit organization won’t only focus on the live music industry.  They’ll also take on scalping in the live entertainment industry as well.  This includes performing arts and sporting events.

Director Sam Shemtob will lead the organization.  Scumeck Sabottka will also serve as the organization’s Director.  Both founded the organization.  Other founding members include Ben Giezenaar, Christof Huber, Folkert Koopmans, Kim Worsøe, Neo Sala, Olivier Darbois, Pascal Van De Velde, Peter Aiken, Philippe Cornu, Scumeck Sabottka, and Vincent Sager.

Tour and festival promoters across the continent will also work closely with FEAT.

Speaking about the goals of FEAT, Sabottka said,

We need to get this right as otherwise fans and artists alike will be robbed by thieves; if we all pull this together and get EU legislation to follow our lead, we can ultimately make it work.

Sala added,

Governments need to understand speculative ticket resale is an abusive and unethical practice that harms people, and they need to approve laws that make it virtually impossible.

We need legal tools that facilitate the immediate preventive close down of websites that put tickets on sale without having been authorized by the organizer of the event.

Shemtob concluded,

The growth and effectiveness of grassroots movements against industrial ticket touting in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland in recent years have been invigorating.

The time has come for these movements to connect, collaborate and speak as one at a European level, where we know MEPs are listening.