Monstercat’s Roster Is Powering the Entire Xenon Racer Soundtrack

Forget about one-off artist and composer deals.  Now, we’re seeing entire EDM labels signing contracts with game publishers to create soundtracks for their games.

SOEDESCO just announced their partnership with EDM record label Monstercat to provide music for upcoming racing game Xenon Racer.

Xenon Racer is being developed by 3 Clouds and will be available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Monstercat will provide 20 tracks from several of their best EDM artists as music backing for the game.  If you’re signed to Monstercat, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll be part of the action.

The soundtrack is a real treat for EDM fans with music from Pegboard Nerds, Rameses B and Melano, Grant, FWLR, Tokyo Machine and Noisestorm.

Here’s a peek at the complete track list for Xenon Racer.

  1. Bubble Beam by nanobii
  2. How We Win by FWLR
  3. Nova by Rameses B
  4. Virtuality by Rameses B
  5. We Are One by Flite
  6. Mimic by Droptek
  7. Don’t Fight It by Melano
  8. Leaving Now by Noisestorm
  9. Comeback by Bossfight & Falcon Funk
  10. BUBBLES by Tokyo Machine
  11. Starship by Grant
  12. BLAST by Tokyo Machine
  13. HYPE by Tokyo Machine
  14. Bring Me Joy by Pegboard Nerds & lug00ber
  15. Traveller by Melano
  16. Elevate by Rootkit
  17. Transmission from Lemuria by Varien
  18. Spring Snow by CloudNone
  19. If We Never by Aiobahn & Vin
  20. Glow by Richard Caddock

Listen to the whole soundtrack below.

SOEDESCO says Monstercat’s entire catalog of music fits perfectly within the futuristic arcade look-and-feel of the game.

Are partnerships like this a future revenue stream for artists and publishers?

The world of gaming is trending towards telling cyberpunk and futuristic stories.  Accordingly, EDM is often divided up into several sub-genres just to accommodate these different flavors of cyberpunk and futuristic settings.

Perhaps we’ll see more deals between EDM labels as games like Cyberpunk 2077 and Outer Worlds ignite a passion for synthwave and other genres of electronic music.