Jamendo Welcomes Jocelyn Seilles as Its New General Manager

With extensive experience in the digital music business as former CFO of Radionomy, Jocelyn Seilles returns to the AudioValley Group to take over as General Manager of Jamendo.

The following article comes from Jamendo, a proud partner of DMN.

This is not a new business venture for Jocelyn Seilles, whose in-depth knowledge of the industry was acquired through various positions at various companies over the course of more than twenty years. He also managed the internationally famous pop artist Sébastien Tellier, amongst others.

Jamendo recently reached several meaningful milestones, such as 600,000 tracks, 4 million members and more than 40,000 artists on its platform in addition to adopting the Independent Management Entity (I.M.E.) status. It seems this is the perfect time to take over as the new General Manager. Exciting growth opportunities and challenges await!

“It’s a new challenge in a familiar environment. I already knew Jamendo from my previous, positive experience with the AudioValley Group, and I am excited to take over as Jamendo’s new General Manager”, said Jocelyn Seilles. “The team is extremely motivated, which is amazing. I am really looking forward to the future.”

The former General Manager, Emmanuel Donati, made the decision to relocate at the end of last year, due to personal reasons.

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