Spotify Premium Now Bundles Hulu Subscriptions for Free in the US

Will Spotify’s new Hulu bundle help the streaming music giant increase its subscriber base in the US?

Two years ago, in an effort to catch-up to Amazon and Netflix, Spotify introduced a new bundle.

For just $4.99 a month, university students who signed up to Premium for Students would receive a subscription to Hulu’s limited commercial plan.  Students could stream Spotify’s entire music catalog without any ads, and would have to bear with ads on Hulu.

Those with an existing student plan could simply activate their Hulu subscription online.  Students with a Hulu Limited Commercials plan could merge their existing accounts with Spotify Premium for Students.

Several months later, the streaming music giant and the on-demand video platform expanded their partnership.  For $12.99 a month, users could score both Spotify Premium and ad-supported Hulu subscriptions.

Now, the streaming music giant has doubled-down on its existing partnership with the on-demand video service.

Hulu for all – but only in the US.

Last Friday, expanding its partnership from last summer, Spotify confirmed the mobile app would be bundled into millions of new Samsung Galaxy devices.

The streaming giant would now serve as the go-to music service provider on all Samsung devices.  This would allow Spotify to finally compete with iOS-embedded Apple Music functionality.

Now, starting today, all Premium subscribers in the US will receive Hulu subscriptions added on for absolutely free.

Confirming the news in a blog post, the company wrote,

Starting today, March 12, you can enjoy Hulu as part of your regular $9.99-per-month Spotify Premium membership.

“Devour Hulu’s library of hit TV series and films, current shows from every major U.S. broadcast network, and acclaimed Hulu Originals to your heart’s desire at no extra charge.

“That’s right, you’re getting Hulu on us.

To get started, existing Premium subscribers can visit the Your Services page.  Then, simply activate the offer.

Spotify has also confirmed subscribers who paid $12.99 a month will see their monthly payments automatically reduced to $9.99.  The offer will remain open until June 10th, 2019 or while supplies last.

Unfortunately, Hulu’s limited commercial plan prevents users from adding premium channels.  These include Showtime and HBO.  The deal excludes users who have a family plan in the US.