ampsuite 5 Introduces Significant Content Management and Royalty Accounting Enhancements for Labels

ampsuite 5 is here!

The following article comes from ampsuite, a proud partner of DMN.

Since its launch in 2012, ampsuite has been providing record labels with a suite of software aimed at streamlining their workflow and automating most of the logistics involved with running a label.  That includes, of course, the Royalty Accounting — words that spread fear into most label heads every 6 months!

With clients including Drumcode, Erased Tapes, Pacha Group, All Day I Dream, Cajual, Dirtybird, Stereo Productions & Iboga, the software offers possibly the most complete suite of software in the market today, to labels of all sizes.

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ampsuite 5 gives the platform a modern new look, and slick new interface, and makes using this software a joy!

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is simple and easy to use, with a lot of powerful functionality linked to the release pages.  Manage your labels from anywhere in the world and send them to multiple stores with the click of a button.

— Send releases to multiple stores/distributors

— Deliver under your own direct deals or our optional distribution

— Quickly create compilations from your back catalog

— Management data exports



ampsuite takes the pain out of royalty accounting.  Simply upload your store/distributor statements and let ampsuite assign sales based on your system settings, then generate and email royalty statements to your artists and labels at the click of a button.

— Import statements from all major stores and distributors

— Raise contracts to issue to your licensors, that can be signed digitally online

— Generate XLS statements to email to your licensors

— Account to artists, labels or other 3rd parties

— Allows complex options such as territory/store specific contract deals

— Add expenses and adjustments

— Process physical product sales


ampsuite gets your music to the people who matter with a professional promo module. Customizable mobile friendly promo templates mean DJs can access your promos on the go.

— Customizable mobile friendly promo emails

— Download as mp3, wav, zipfile or to Dropbox

— Automatic bounce back detection and address removal

— View feedback and download to excel and pdf or email to artists automatically!


provides clients both an automated option of sending a predefined template newsletter to your fanbase every week /month, including all the latest release info taken directly from ampsuite itself.

— Design yourself your newsletter with template builder tool!

— Track newsletter delivery and bounce back

— Create multiple lists

— Add stories and features


gives a shot of adrenalin to your numbers and takes your grasp of sales to the next level!

ampsuite processes all of your sales data (downloads / steams / physical) and pulls it together, allowing you to look at overall sales by label / release / track, in both monetary terms and units.

— view by Retailer / Territory / Sales Type

— perform complex analysis of your imported sales data

— view on screen graphs and data of income and unit sales

— export data to excel for management reporting


giving you the same lovely graphical and units view available in analytics, but this time showing your DAILY RETAILER sales data, being pulled into ampsuite from either your direct store accounts or form distribution with ampsuite.

— Display sales units / revenue

— View sales by Territory / Top 10 and PLAYLISTS, showing the playlists your catalogue has been included on at Spotify, and the streams they have generated

— view multiple store feeds


ampsuite also offers a stand-alone or integrated publishing module, which allows you to raise publishing contracts and manage publishing content!

Users can import and process publishing revenue statements, then generate outgoing writer statements at the click of a button too!

Of course there’s more to ampsuite, and put simply, it makes running a record label simple.  But here are just a few other cool features included in the software.

+ FREE TRACK TOOL, allowing you to give away a track in exchange for people signing up to your mailing list or your social media channels.

+ YOUTUBE VIDEO CREATOR, which creates a YouTube video of the tracks held in the system and uploads them to your channels for you (it can do the same for our SoundCloud channel too!)

+ COMPILATION BUILDER, create quick and easy  compilations from the catalogue held in the system

+ WEBSITE FEEDS and the RSS FEED power your website from the data held within ampsuite

ampsuite also has a cool DOWNLOAD STORE which they provide to their clients for free and their labels are able to monetize sales from it with 100% of the revenue going to the labels PayPal account directly!

Suffice to say, if you run a record label, ampsuite has you covered…

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