Marketing Your Music: 10 Tips for Online and Offline Success

What does it take to grow an audience and sell your music? Every budding musician craves for stardom. Yet, with the immense competition in the industry, success for a musician is an uphill task.

Why do you think some super talented artists never get the audience and fame they deserve? Meanwhile, some musicians, rocket to the top.

Marketing your music is the answer.

Success as an artist depends on how you market your music. Some musicians think it’s about chance and luck. But you need to put in the hard work and use the right marketing strategies.

For a musician, marketing is a whole new concept. Yet you can do it. You can master the following 10 marketing tips and market your music to the top.

1. Identify Your Fans

You’re probably frustrated because all your music marketing methods seem in vain. Social media is at a dead stop and your posts attract no shares or likes. Marketing your music can dishearten but there is a way out.

For your music to sell, you first need to identify your fans. Music is diverse and the songs that suit a 45-year-old are sometimes a no-go for the youth.

Follow and engage with your fans. Then, identify their interests and the topics that revolve in their lives. You can also interview your loyal fans to establish why they love your music. There’s abundant info with your fans that you can use to tweak your music and grow your fanbase.

2. Reach Out to Music Influencers

Music influencers call the shots in music marketing. We are past the days when celebrities had a massive say in any new track. Now, the ideal music marketer in a niche influencer with dedicated and active followers.

A right niche influencer has a social media page or a YouTube channel dedicated to music. You can reach out to such influencers and get them raving about your new EP.

3. Link Up with Music Bloggers

Linking up with a music blogger will help you access an already engaged fan base. Another thing is a blog audience already trusts the content pushed to them. They are likely to buy your music if it’s worth it.

Blogs are also timeless. Once the music blogger mentions your music, the content remains there for a long time. Many people also google blogs to find music that suits their style.

Find and pitch relevant bloggers to market your music. Then build a long-term relationship for an effective music marketing strategy.

4. Create Your Music Website

A music website, unlike social media pages, allows you to put all your content in one place. On a website, you can post photos, videos, upcoming events, and blog posts.

Music promotion is also about professionalism. Your website is proof you’re serious about music.

Potential record houses can review your content and know if you fit their needs right off the bat. You can also link up your website with social media sites to simplify sharing.

Building a music website is simple. You can use the many available free website builders such as WordPress, Squarespace or Wix.

5. Tell Your Story

It’s right to expect your fans to buy your music or attend your shows after some hit tracks. We live in a distractive world. Even your most loyal fans drift off to other things right after witnessing your best show.

You can’t blame your fans for poor concentration. They crave emotionally touching content and they will move on if you don’t master engagement. You can create an immersive story about your music experience.

Your fans need to feel you’re “real.” You can tell them about your challenges and the lowest moments in your music career. You can also take them through your wins and everything that can boost the connection.

6. Social Media for a Musician Is a Must

Social media might look like an intimidating strategy for marketing your music. Top stars have a scary number of followers and you don’t think if you will ever succeed here. Make no mistake- fans track and follow their stars on all social media sites.

What you need to do is to stay consistent on these sites. Share photos, videos, and engaging content several times per day to keep your fans engaged. Also, join all new and upcoming sites to have a leg up over other artists.

7. Connect with Your Fans Before Hunting for New Ones

Your current fans are your goldmine in music. Regardless of their number, connecting with them is the best thing to do in music marketing. Do you want your music to reach a broader audience? Existing fans are the key to more fans and a better music career.

Your fans can talk to their friends, relatives, and spouses about your music. Also, the more they play your music, the more you become famous. Once you know your fans, create more content that feeds their music cravings.

Use all the mediums to keep your fans engaged and yearning for more content.

8. Create Your Own Merchandise for Marketing Your Music

As an artist, you have all the tools at your disposal for music marketing. You can take your music to the next level with custom merch. Merchandise can help in branding and increasing awareness about your music.

Take the merchandise to your shows to increase the flow of your content to a broader audience. The merchandise is like moving ads. They can promote your music even when you’re at home watching your favorite show.

Try creating some cool and unique promo items like custom printed koozies and dad hats. This will depend on your audience.

9. Collaborate With Other Top Musicians

Collaboration is a crucial music marketing skill. It can help you to push your music career to new heights. Try to find and network with top artists in your genre if you want to grow your music career faster.

Collabs can link you to a new fanbase. They can launch your career into the public eye and generate accolades. Sometimes a single collaboration can skyrocket your fan base growth.

Besides, the musicians you collaborate with can further link you up with other artists in your domain.

10. Use Gigs and Local Music Events a Chance

Gigs and music events are the most popular way of music marketing. You can perform in your local area and expand to new regions.

Local concerts also give you a platform to practice before a real audience. They also expose your music to public reactions and feedback.

It’s Time you Take Your Music to New Heights!

It’s possible to rise from where you’re to the top by marketing your music effectively. Identify your fans and select the tips that fit your budget and music goals.

Remember to play the game for the long haul and not short term when strategizing. For more tips and news on the music industry, check out our blog today.