Getter Simply Quits His ‘Visceral’ Tour After Repeated Booing and Harassment

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After intense backlash from fans, EDM artist Getter has canceled the rest of his ‘Visceral’ tour.

Getter’s album Visceral dropped at the end of last year, a nice combination of hip-hop, rock, and electronic music. Getter said the album was a way to move forward in his career and mental state.

The music featured on the album was vastly different than anything Getter had produced before.

Just one problem: Getter’s EDM fans loved the party-friendly music that the artist had previously produced, and hated the newer style.  They immediately lashed out at the artist on social media, before taking matters further.

Some reports surfaced of people throwing things at the artist on stage.  Getter later confirmed these events in his bombshell announcement.

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“I need to make myself happy,” Getter concluded at the end of his announcement.

Reports of Getter getting booed off the stage in Houston for not playing more hardcore EDM surfaced last month. The artist’s response at the time was “boo me all you want; I’m still doing this shit.”

Getter tweeted that same day that he was making music for the wrong reasons.  Now, he feels that he’s found “something I can chase and is much more complex them some dumb trendy bullshit.”

There were seven stops left on the tour along with a few festival appearances, but those have all been cancelled.

It seems as though Getter’s vocal fans have finally got to him.  Some people posting on social media mentioned that Getter shouldn’t be considered an entertainer if he disregards what his fans think.

Others seem to think that Getter pulled a bait-and-switch on them, as they hadn’t heard the album before going to see it live.

Still, others argue that those who booed the artist of the stage were childish to do so, and should have left instead. “You’re a fucking idiot if you went to the Visceral Tour and bitched when he played music off Visceral,” one fan concluded.

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  1. Wig Wam Bam

    I’m tired of social media mobs..
    Artists and others live their lives foolishly on these platforms which are full of loud mouthed ill mannered bogans/chavs/idiots.

    Everyone with half a brain should give fb the flick !!