India Clamps Down on PewDiePie Racism — High Court Orders YouTube to Remove Two Offensive Videos

India doesn’t think very fondly of PewDiePie’s racist rants.

Last month, seemingly ‘conceding’ the crown for the most subscribers on YouTube, Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg released a diss track.

In the song, ‘Congratulations,’ the popular YouTube star detailed several ‘facts’ about Indian label T-Series.

A congratulations to your corporation. / Guess to beat one Swedish boy, you need a billion Asians.

Revealing the company’s history of selling pirated songs, Kjellberg continued,

Now you’re at number one, hope you did nothing wrong. / Like starting your business by selling pirated songs.

T-Series has remained publicly silent about the insults.

Siding with the Indian label, a top court in India has now issued a ruling against Kjellberg.

India v. PewDiePie.

The Delhi High Court has reportedly ordered YouTube to take down two PewDiePie tracks – ‘Bi—h Lasagna’ and ‘Congratulations.’

The court told the popular video platform to “remove and disable access” to both tracks.  T-Series first filed a complaint, stating Kjellberg’s songs were “defamatory, disparaging, insulting, and offensive.”  The songs also contained “repeated comments… abusive, vulgar, and also racist in nature.”

Single Judge Bench of Justice Jayant Nath reportedly issued the ruling.

The judge wrote,

In my opinion, it would be in the interest of justice that these videos are taken off by YouTube.”

The Court order states YouTube has two weeks to comply.

Immediately following the ruling, the YouTube star’s fans came to his defense on social media.

Imagine going to court because of a PewDiePie diss track lmfao, grow up.

@pewdiepie This is real news Bollywood Hungama know for its clickbate articles Delhi High Court has not ordered anything.  We’re with you Felix love from India.

PewDiePie: Take a joke!  T-Series: *Takes the joke to court*

@TSeries Really ?  Suing for removal?  hahaha Butthurt ? @pewdiepie Man getting sued by a whole country hahaha xD as if youtube takes Indian court serious xD, such a big company, doing nothing but upload music videos (it’s not creating content) that’s just uploading.  PATHETIC.

T-series asked the Supreme Court of India to make YouTube remove @pewdiepie’s music videos from the platform.  Does this mean we’ll be getting more diss tracks?

Defending the derogatory tracks, Kjellberg dubbed his songs as a “joke.”

Speaking about a recent petition asking for PewDiePie’s ban from the video platform, he replied,

A lot of these points are just flat-out lies as well.


Featured image by Pogaface (CC by 3.0).

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  1. Max

    | Defending the derogatory tracks Kjellberg dubbed his songs as a “joke.”

    Are you implying it was not a joke, or at all humourous to make a mocking diss track titled ‘b*tch lasagna’ (a term that means nothing, by the way), while rapping about popular memes featured in his ‘meme review’ videos.

    Diss tracks are fun drama on youtube between other content creators. Because Felix is at the top, far from another independent, he made it in jest towards a corporation, not expecting a reply obviously.

    Felix earlier in the year received a cease and desist letter from T-Series claiming his track was ‘defamatory’.

    Things shifted on Mar 6, 2019 when the head of T-Series, Bhushan Kumar launched the #BharatWinsYouTube campaign via Twitter, calling on Indians to subscribe to the company’s YouTube channel as a patriotic act to get the number one spot.

    PewDiePie, took this, and T-Series securing the lead, as open invitation to release his second diss track, “Congratulations”. The song focuses on the head of T-Series, but all comments made are substantiated with sources shown on screen. He then explains examples of what is NOT considered defamation, one of which is saying blatant racist lies like “Indians have poo poo in their heads”. The point being that the line was offensive, yes, but still not defamation.

    • RealityIsAllThatMatters

      The author is “implying” that the author himself is either an idiot, or so dishonest about the subject he is writing, that he deserves being called out as what he is: a LIAR.

    • Nathan

      The use of quotation marks makes it seem like something not meant to be taken seriously is. As well not putting things in context. I do believe there is an odvious bias against him, PewDiePie, in this article. The videos aren’t racist unless you want them to be.

    • NeuroticKnight

      Indian companies are just misusing patriotism. Where did T-Series patriotism go when it had to pay taxes to the country, where did it go when hiring musicians with history of violence and sexism or where did it go when it actually had to anything real. Instead we are made to get mad at pewdiepie who is essentially a comedian for no apparent reason.

    • uuu

      i have only objection is
      abuses mock … etc for T series is okay
      but dragging nation “India” is very ugly move

    • Pratz

      It’s not the joke that’s offensive but the context of it. Kjellberg maintains that he only wished to diss T-Series. But, his songs consistently used derogatory stereotypes about Indians to do so. The caste system, for example, is a problem faced by a marginalized class of people in India. T-series, has nothing whatsoever to do with this practice. Yet in his second video, he explicitly uses this humanitarian crisis, as an ‘insult’?.
      The fact remains, that India, is an impossibly complex country, with it’s own problems. But no entertainer, especially a foreign one, has the right to drag the nation’s issues, into his personal beef with a competitor. Just like you dont have the right to use stereotypes, to insult or demean a colleague you dont like. You can swear at him all you like. But, the minute you bring his race,gender or nationality into the arena, you become a stereotyped bigot.

  2. memyselfandi

    What is this rag? PFFFT! Nice clickbait. Hope you are proud of yourself there spreading outright lies and misinformation.

  3. harrison

    “Thank you” for this “good” article, that “isn’t” biased at all, and is “100%” “facts”. These videos are “racist” and “not” jokes at all.

  4. caelen

    Gotta protect the corporations committing actual crimes instead of the content creator literally doing nothing wrong.

    India’s using its new access to the internet to block it and throw itself back towards a 3rd world country.


  5. Racist Scum: Subscribe!

    Face it, all you guys are following a racist on YouTube. Nice lives!

    • Digital Media News:

      Daniel Sanchez is a “journalist” who sure knows how to “fairly” and “accurately” report his opinion— err, I mean, the “news”.

      Calling an obviously comedic diss track a ‘racist rant’ when it is clearly neither of those things, is ridiculous! It’s like calling Daniel Sanchez an unbiased reporter; completely false.

    • Sub 2 pewds

      Have you ever actually watched one of his videos Because many people from all over the world watch pewdiepie no one thinks he is racist except uninformed people who just read these articles

    • Nathan

      Has he made mistakes, of course. Has he apologized for each and every one of them, of course. Has he done tons of work for charity that so many people who hate him fail to recognize, do I really need to say. He makes jokes that people take seriously, he’s taken out of context all of the time. Honestly are we subscribed to a racist or do you just not want to accept the truth and would rather be offended?

    • Matthew

      … Watch… The fucking… Videos…

      Literally… ALL you have to do… To see it CLEARLY isn’t racist.

      For fucks sake, this shit is getting annoying.

    • BH

      You’re clearly retarded. High court banning his shit because they can’t handle one guy making a joke. Whole court system is full of pathetic 12 year olds. It’s sad that one guy can make all of New Delhi’s high court and all these little salty Indians that mad meanwhile your whole country’s calling the guy out and talking shit, calling him racist. But it’s him right? Go eat your dirt and stay a biased fag

  6. Xavier

    Trash article, trash website. Nothing but fake news.
    Go figure.

    • Not fake but not news

      Not really fake news, just highly opinionated and factually substantiated, not technically fake but not technically “news” either

  7. A Wilkerson

    Article claims racism. Article describes song, but doesn’t mention anything racist.
    So, in essence, this is pure clickbait.

  8. KeK

    T-Series remains publicly silent, except for the law suit filed in their supreme court. This guy must have poo poo in his brain.

  9. that1guy

    the whole article is flat out biased as all hell but can I also just point out that he (pewds) never said that all the points made in the petition were “flat out lies”, he clearly owned up to things he has done (and has already owned up to and has apologised for AND has stopped doing) while also pointing out how they, in the past, had a satirical website’s article linked as a point made to prove that felix is a “racist”

    honestly like you guys only care about getting clicks, nice “journalism” smh

  10. MRob

    Wow, people are still calling Pewdiepie “racist”?
    He has literally raised millions of $£ for people in third world countries, India etc. He is clearly not in any way racist.
    The author of this article should be ashamed of himself.

    • No Hate

      I think what makes people think he is racist is the fact that even though he has humourous comments for many countries, all differs in many ways. While Russia took the jab easily, India didn’t do so and PDP shouldn’t have understood it and amend his videos accordingly

  11. Fix your Misleading Clickbait Title

    Dear Daniel Sanches,

    Congratulations, you got a click from me because of your title. But because it was clickbait and misleading I am going to block this website for underhanded journalism. Mind you, you’re article does a decent attempt of laying the extenuating circumstances. But if you are going to start an article with, “India clamps down on Pewdiepie’s Racism”, implying Pewdiepie was racist to start then this will be the first and the last time I am going to this website.

  12. Anonymous


    • No Hate

      As far as I know the video were taken down becoz tseries thinks that it is defamatory to “them”. So rather than a ban from India it was a ban from T series

    • **

      Also it’s not permanent it’s a temporary ban while the case goes on iirc

  13. GFYS

    What a ludicrous article, please swallow a bunch of sleeping pills with a pint of vodka you useless eater.First and last time i come to this garbage tier site.

  14. thissiteistrash

    Wow be a little more biased please. I almost couldn’t tell how sore your anus is.

  15. PewDiePie

    This is exactly how the Christchurch shooter has given it out in his manifesto that it just screams killing Muslims a big joke. The brainless white skinned and wannabe whites from India should know that he is an racist and he is a gateway to channels and videos of extreme right wing hate groups. I think T-Series taking this matters to court is also a Big Joke. If this is Butt hurt then PewDiePie is the one who got self spanked in the first place seeing T-Series inch closer in subs.

    • PewDiePie is a SweetiePie

      These are the kinds of comments that happen due to mis-informed click-bait journalism, like this article.
      1) PDP had nothing to do with the CC incident, it’s not even worth talking about because I don’t want that shooters effed up manifesto to spread further. Just stop.
      2) I don’t understand people saying his channel could be a gateway to anything. He sits in front of his computer and laughs at memes, and silly internet videos. This is so ridiculous.

      • No Hate

        But PDP should have mentioned the incident in his video rather than tweeting it out coz this thing should have been taken head on by PDP

        • Sub2Pewds

          You know what? Yes. Felix should “definitely” have talked about the CC incident, and about the shooters manifesto. If he had even referenced the event (bad) media outlets everywhere would have said ‘pEwDiEpIe SuPoRtS tErRoRiSm By SpReAdInG wHiTe SuPrEmEcIsT mEsSaGeS’

        • Context

          Seriously? He addressed this in his latest video, saying he only addressed it on Twitter at the time out of respect for the victims and to not make it about him.

    • Spiritbx

      Watch his videos, see how racist he is yourself, stop basing your opinion of him on biased ‘news’ sites.

    • James

      pewdiepie you shouldn’t have even started a YouTube channel your useless do you have nothing better to do than be racist no wonder people want you banned get off YouTube you racists

  16. Daniel Sanchez is racist

    Why is Google news promoting fake news sites? This is second one today,
    right after I blocked the site with the first one, this shit pops up…

  17. Me

    I don’t get that people still consider PewDiePie a racist? I mean are people really to stupid to get a joke? He made a lot of jokes towards different countries for example Russia and Romania neither of these countries got majorly offended and this whole thing only got this big in the first place because India couldn’t take a joke. Also I hope journalist will finally stop being so ridiculously biased and start looking at the facts and maybe informing themselves properly before accusing someone of being a racist.

    • Indian

      Bro… Some people like me is with pewdiepie, I always loved pewdiepie and I agree this is an excellent example of poor journalism.

  18. Gavy

    Lmao can someone tell me where the racist is in the disstracks? Most of it is just out of context. Oh right I forgot context doesn’t matter.

  19. Latino

    Hey Sanchez, you’re an absolute embarrassment to Latinos such as myself. Lmfao stop calling anything you disagree with racist because it’s not. You obviously haven’t been on YouTube for very long if you take stuff like this seriously. You’re disgraceful

  20. Indian

    I’m indian and I’m with pewdiepie, I see this article as poor journalism and not actually going to the fact.

    Everything pewdiepie said was a joke, as I always say, it’s a joke not a dick don’t take it hard you poopoo Brains.
    Disgusting article defaming pewdiepie.

  21. T-gay

    Get your facts right dumbballs. Stop selling jingoism in the name of nationalism.
    Don’t act like a butthurt

  22. Brutal honesty

    “In my opinion it would be in the interest of justice if these videos were taken off YouTube”

    Translation: it would be in the interest of the rich guy who pays my salary in this rigid caste system to vote in his favor.

  23. Spark

    Amazing. Every word of what you just said, was wrong.

  24. BakeRanger

    Please watch the video about making the song at the channel Boyinaband and you will see that the content wasn’t sung out of racism.

  25. timmothy

    Pewdiepie said that indians have poopoo in their brains was a racist and stupid joke, but not T series defamation. He also said he was sorry about the memes and that India is the best.

  26. Jonathan

    I also dislike derogatory speech, in all forms. But what was said by pewdiepie in these songs is no worse than any popular song meant to insult someone or a group. To single out pewdiepie and not others is hypocritical.Almost all popular modern rap and R&B contains derogatory speech. It’s the was things are these days. If you are critizie one person for doing it, then you have to critizize everyone doing it. If that is to much work, then just make your stance clear in your about us page and don’t talk about it again. Unless you are willing to constantly criticize everyone who uses derogatory language, this is the only path to be truly ethical, journalistically. I apologize for any spelling errors or grammatical errors in my comment, I have minor dyslexia so if I’m unclear at any point please comment so I can correct it.

  27. Spiritbx

    This is a blatant case of a corporation using an ignorant public to beat down an independent business.

    These articles treat Felix like he’s some Alex Jones type of person, he isn’t just watch the videos yourself, and to any Indians reading this, don’t trust T-series too much, they don’t have your best interest in mind, all they want in money and power and they are willing to lie and cheat their way there, that’s what corporations do. Watch Pewdiepie’s videos yourself and form your own opinion.

  28. hi

    im here from the loud mouths podcast and goddamn they were right. this article is so stupid.

  29. t series made you famous

    Pew is ew, pwed geitting pawned, keep watching two frames on loop for the rest of your life, disgusting rag, terroist attack enabler, racism made you famous with you likeminded racist terrorist viewers with no lives but getting their high on rubbish like themselves.

  30. SkidReal

    The thing is this article is so flat-out biased against Felix. In whatsoever way can we can also bend your words so that you’re being racist towards a Swedish guy.

  31. Ahmod

    Media doing things like these are no different than Slander. As if you can control 90 million subscribed people and those people can they even call themselves fans?

    You can claim you are a muslim and attack a Christian church but all in all youre pretending to be a muslim but muslims gets the blame in the end because the guy claims to be.

  32. NAME

    Ironic that T-Series tried to take him down under defamation which means to damage the good reputation of someone when really Pewdiepie’s reputation has been the one negatively affected by all of this. Not only that but if they actually cared about their reputation they shouldn’t have taken him to court, that damaged it significantly more then anything Pewdiepie has ever done.