More Signs of Instability? Nicki Minaj Parts Ways with Longtime Managers

Is Nicki Minaj falling off the deep end?

Late last summer, the female hip-hop artist accused Irving Azoff of sabotage.

Following the news that Minaj had indefinitely postponed the American leg of the NICKIHNDRXX tour, she went to war with the influential music executive.

According to Minaj, she had canceled the tour to “reevaluate elements of production.”  Minaj also wanted to contribute more time to rehearsal to make sure “her fans get the absolute best quality show they deserve.”

The real story, however, soon came to light.

The NICKIHNDRXX tour suffered from incredibly poor ticket sales.  A Live Nation source said sales “weren’t just in the toilet, they were totally down the drain.”  So, if Minaj hadn’t canceled the tour, Live Nation would’ve done it for her.

Minaj went after Azoff for allegedly ‘sharing’ the report.

On her Beats 1 Radio show, she told fans,

The c—sucker of the day is Irving Azoff.  And I’m gonna tell you why.

Allegedly, he tried to put out a smear campaign against my tour, and contacted people in the media to spread negative things about my tour.

She later postponed key dates of the European leg of her tour, citing “production issues” once more.  Minaj has yet to announce the new North American dates.

Just weeks before the sudden tour ‘postponement’ – i.e., cancelation – she had accused Spotify of retaliating against her for partnering with Apple Music.

Then, two months after the tour debacle, Minaj got slapped with a copyright infringement lawsuit.

Tracy Chapman sued the artist for using an unauthorized sample of her 1988 hit, ‘Baby Can I Hold You.’  Minaj’s ‘Sorry’ featuring Nas incorporated the lyrics and vocal melody of Chapman’s work.  Chapman has sought damages and wants to prevent Minaj from “copying or otherwise using or exploiting” her works.

The female rapper had also gotten into an ugly, highly-publicized altercation with Cardi B at a New York Fashion Week event, which Minaj called both “mortifying and humiliating.”

Now, she has unexpectedly said farewell to her managers.

Can Minaj no longer handle working in a team?

Nicki Minaj has split with her longtime managers, Gee Roberson and Cortez Bryant.  She has also ended her professional relationship with Blueprint/Maverick Management.

Minaj parted ways with all parties just before her guest appearance alongside Ariana Grande at Coachella last Sunday.

The reason behind the abrupt split remains unclear.  Yet, according to insiders, all parties “amicably” agreed to stop working together.

Minaj currently doesn’t have a manager.  As of writing, she has yet to comment on the matter.


Featured image by Eva Rinaldi (CC by 2.0).

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  1. C. Garcia

    I think you forgot to mention admist all those issues, Minaj is still THE highest paid and most awarded female rapper in history! A beautiful, talented, hard working woman who deserves at least one compliment being that her name is what actually led me to this page.

    • Joey

      Yeah. Whoever wrote this must be a hater or on Atlantic’s payroll. Journalism is SUPPOSED to be unbiased. This clearly is biased. Everyone want to make nicki out to be this bitter black woman with a failing career. You realize she STILL Made over $20,000,000.00 without a tour or a current album. This was on her hiatus. GOAT.

      When will this QUEEN get the credit she deserves? It’s just sad. Her own community has blackballed her! They should be thanking her. She made their careers and saved some from sinking.

      Also, she’s got a make up line, she’s a signed model with one of the top agencies in the world. She’s had 4 platinum albums. Paid tuition for her fans. It takes too long to write her accomplishments, so they’ll just knit pick her “flaws”.

      Fuck outta here.

      • LD

        Stay woke y’all see what they trying to do!!!Haters!!!Nicki Minaj is the queen of rap music period. We have to fight for her. Anytime Cardi B get in trouble her they come with the bullshit. Cardi B went to the court she going ti trail y’all see they not talking about that.

        • Shantell

          Yes. Nicki unstable but retarded Cardi b who always putting a foot in her dumb ass mouth is normal. They let her get away with admitting she drug people. If nicki had said that she really would have been finished

  2. emchi

    U must be another one on AR payola huh? while u talking trash about the Queen of Rap, after 10 yrs, she’s still on the charts, writing her own raps, gaining MORE fans and followers, banking more millions….while u losing neurons. SHAME on u.

    • LD

      Preach!!! Y’all see the hate!!! Nicki Minaj is the queen of rap music period. We real fans not a machine to push FAKE numbers. #Nomatterwhat

  3. I am a voyager

    Not my cup of tea, I find far too often that the rap lyrics are crass and overtly sexualised in an ugly aggressive way..

    Shame she resorts to abusive name calling..

    • LD

      I am a voyage, OK you said this is not your cup of tea, but at the end of your text you say shame she resort to abusive and name calling? You taking a dig at something thats not your cup tea. FAKE people leaving messages. Get out of here man!!! Haters

      • ToyaT

        Y’all need to stop acting like everyone is supposed to agree with y’all regarding the nicki. Her being the queen of rap is objective and is an matter of opinion. Her tours low ticket sales, y’all not buying her music, y’all let her bum ass clothing line at kmart go down the drain and y’all hoes don’t own not one Fendi item of hers. She’s out here acting a hot ghetto ass mess. Her husband is an serial felon, her brother is a rapist in which she’s still saying alleged rapist. Y’all put more energy into talking for her, fighting people on social media over her than y’all do her own music. That Queen album nobody even mentions that because it was whack! The only reason why y’all go hard over her whack ass is because nobody else is seeing it. She has over 100 million fans on social media alone so why did it take so long for her queef oops I mean queen album to go gold let alone platinum? Why are her ticket sales poor? Why did her own clothing line fail? She’s the queen but settled for an murderer rapist. Her recycled ass lyrics ain’t cutting it and she’s washed up now. Tell her to sit down and make way for the new girls who are younger and getting more buzz than her now. Megan is on her neck bitches!!!

    • Shantell

      Killing myself laughing. Then you are definitely not a Cardi b fan

  4. Jacobs

    Wtf is this article? Why write it? the lady hasnt said a word in like 2 months. This really just came out of nowhere.

    • LD

      Y’all see this is what wr are talking about. Anytime Cardi B is a milli vanill and culture vulture is in trouble her they come with some
      trash out of no where.

  5. Street Knowledge

    Nicki Minaj is straight garbage. Trust me, by mid-2020 she’ll be forgotten, like all the other garbage pop plastic singers out there.

    • Tina

      Street knowledge…….. YOU FUCKING SUCK!!!!!! HOW RUDE ASS WIPE

    • LD

      Nicki Minaj is the queen of rap music period. #cancelcardib drug and rob men for studios time is the garage.

    • LD

      You wish she was.who is garbage is Cardi B and Remy Ma. #cancelcardib drug and rob men for studio time. Inmate 25679 aka Remy Ma careers are over. Nicki Minaj is the queen of rap music period.

  6. Shantell

    Killing myself laughing. Then you are definitely not a Cardi b fan

    • Blacklash

      Lmao… yes lord Shantell. U would think the people replying to this article is Nikki Minaj in disguise… their feeling are really hurt. Last I checked none of us is getting paid for being a fan or having a opinion.

  7. Shlomo Rubenstein the 3rd

    I haven’t seen this many comments on DMN in a while. Shows what kind of medium this has turned into.

    Anyway, Nicki can headline any show and it will sell. Brand has faded slightly but her performance has not.

    Anyone think that she’s had the wrong managers?

  8. Blacklash

    CARDI!!!! I couldn’t wait for another female artist to shine. Nikki Minaj is talented but her career was built on lies. When she first came out she was suppose to been gay but the whole time was dating Safaree, and never been linked to dating any female. She was a brand that young money invested a lot of money to create. She never supported other female rap artist and the Barbie image was created by Lil Kim years ago. She is a bully targeting people like little Mama, Miley Cyrus, and homeless women on the street. She is a great rapper and singer but her personality sucks. ? At least Cardi B is talented and is real about everything she has done or do and supports other female artists career. Now let’s wait for the crazy backlash like the people on here is related to her.

  9. Anonymous

    Nicki is and will always be an hypocritical contradicting creature. Everything she and her stans claim to dislike they do or have judged others for doing but make excuses when it comes to nicki. I see why Remy said only the kids believe in her because me being an grown ass woman don’t and seen through her flip flop fake bull shit years ago. I’m so glad the only time that bitch is trending is when she’s acting a fool. Just goes to show you that people aren’t interested in her music just like to see karma catching up to her.