Hip-Hop Super-Agent Cara Lewis Accused of “Bullying, Threats… Improper Conduct” In $4.5 Million Lawsuit

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Cara Lewis

Marcie Allen’s MAC Presents has filed a lawsuit against former best friend Cara Lewis and her company, Cara Lewis Group (CLG).

Allen’s company filed the controversial lawsuit against the veteran hip-hop music agent this week in New York Supreme Court.  Lewis represents top rap artists, including Eminem, Travis Scott, Pusha-T, Lil Baby, and Chance The Rapper, among others.

Allen claims Lewis has engaged in constant “bullying, threats, false assertions, and improper conduct.”  The veteran music agent did so “out of greed and a clear lack of gratitude for [Allen’s] actions towards them in the past.”

MAC Presents wrote,

[Our dispute] has erupted into this public arena because Plaintiffs, who bent over backward in good faith and with an honorable desire to help Defendants, have learned well the old adage ‘no good deed goes unpunished’.  Plaintiffs have been left with no choice but to file this action…

Lewis has also engaged in “abusive conduct” toward staff members working in MAC Presents and CLG’s shared office space in New York City.  Learning the “true nature of Ms. Lewis’ character,” the veteran music agent frequently bullied people in public.  She would also scream and rant on the telephone as well as demean employees – especially MAC Presents staff – thus creating an “untenable work environment.”

Among other accusations, Lewis created a “pigsty,” thus violating their shared office agreement.  She would also make aggressive demands on Allen and her employees, and openly disparage her former best friend.

The boiling point came on February 8th, 2019, when Allen and MAC Presents demanded Lewis vacate the shared office.  Eighteen days later, Lewis and CLG agreed, but have now outright refused.

Ms. Lewis [now holds] the space hostage in order to leverage unfair demands on Plaintiffs.

Helping Lewis launch CLG, Allen states she “gave her a structure and safe haven, along with a massive amount of support so that she could get her business off the ground.”  Lewis now stands to lose her clientele – and her business – should they side with MAC Presents.

Allen and MAC Presents have demanded $4.5 million in damages.

But the legal nastiness is actually coming from both sides.

In a lawsuit first filed on April 25th, Cara Lewis accused Allen and her company of failing to pay a $325,000 loan in addition to a “material breach of a joint venture.”  She has also sought a declaratory judgment, barring Allen from evicting her company from the shared space.  Lewis seeks damages “no less than” $647,102.

You can view Allen’s lawsuit below.


Featured image by Hans Splinter (CC by 2.0).