Apple’s New Music and TV Apps Leaked in New Screenshots

Several weeks ago, ahead of macOS version 10.15’s official debut, data miners revealed a rather interesting surprise.

Instead of actually breaking up iTunes into standalone Music, Podcast, and Video apps – as previously reported – the famous software will continue to live on through Apple’s new Music app.

The Cupertino tech giant has actually used an AppKit application from iTunes to build its standalone Music app from the ground-up.  In other words, Music will serve as a re-branded version of iTunes.

The standalone Music app will keep several major existing features, including “smart playlists, advanced library management, syncing with iPods and iOS devices, and disc reading and burning.”  This will serve as the “final step in the process” that started with iTunes 12.7.

Now, data miners have uncovered exactly how the new app will work.

Welcome back again, iTunes.

In Apple’s upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference (WDC) next week, the company is expected to unveil its next version of macOS.  This will include updates of the company’s Music and Podcast apps.

As explained earlier, the Music app will use iTunes’ code.  Yet, this isn’t the only app to do so, apparently.

9to5Mac reports the new Music and TV apps will present a “similar design language” as iTunes.  They’ll both have a gray sidebar listing sections of content as well as a large area on the right “for the actual content.”

Writer Guilherme Rambo explains,

In both apps, the sidebar icons use the tint color of the app, have a drop shadow, and follow a continuous color gradient from top to bottom, very different from the monochrome icons that are common in sidebars in previous versions of macOS.

Like iTunes, the Music app will allow users to sync their devices, including iPhones, iPads, and iPods.  They’ll also show up on the sidebar, which includes Apple Music and a user’s local Music library.

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In addition, the TV app uses a similar approach.  This application will separate content in users’ library from online content.  On the top, you’ll find a toolbar featuring ‘Watch Now,’ ‘Movies,’ ‘TV Shows,’ ‘Kids,’ and ‘Library’ sections.

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Apple will likely unveil macOS 10.15 at WWDC, which kicks off next Monday.


Featured image by Apple.