Michael Jackson Estate Suffers Another Serious Setback Against HBO Over ‘Leaving Neverland’

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The legal dispute over the ‘Leaving Neverland’ documentary must remain in open court, according to a new ruling from a federal judge.

After a hearing last week, a judge decided on Tuesday to reject a motion by Michael Jackson’s Estate to transfer the case to an arbitrator.  Jackson’s Estate sued HBO shortly before the documentary aired on March 3rd.  The Estate says the documentary constitutes a breach of contract due to a non-disparagement clause HBO signed with the singer 27 years ago.

The arrangement gave HBO exclusive rights to air a televised concert after Jackson released his album, Dangerous.

While Jackson’s Estate did file the lawsuit, the Estate does not want the litigation carried out in open court.  Jackson’s heirs have invoked an arbitration clause in the 27-year-old deal in an attempt to keep the case under wraps. HBO responded by having the case removed from state to federal courts in California.

The network denies that there is an enforceable agreement that hadn’t expired already.  HBO also argued that any over-reading of the 1992 contract would violate due process rights.

Right now, both sides are fighting to determine where the dispute will be decided.  That could determine the outcome of the case.  If the arbitration clause the Jackson Estate is trying to enforce is determined to be invalid, it could set a precedent. Any confidentiality and non-disparagement clauses attached to the same contract could be considered inoperable as well.

U.S. District Court Judge George H. Wu saw neither side of the case and denied motions to remand the case back to state court or to compel arbitration.  While the judge has not made a decision either way, not tossing the case is an initial win for HBO.

Judge Wu has asked both sides to deliver supplemental briefings in regards to the issue of arbitration.  Now, the case will explore the meaning of the 1992 contract that is the lynch-pin of the Estate’s lawsuit against HBO.

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  1. Idemudia

    Did you come to that’s conclusions from a legal court judgement or a stupid one-sided ignorant interviews.

    Bet Elvis Presley is a pedophile too!
    Hater’s ***** you can’t never undo the glory he received while alive!!!

    • Wacko Fanatics are sick pedo's themselves

      You’re a total moron and a pedophile too.

  2. Cats

    Shame on everyone who believes the lies. It’s a known fact that people are more willing to believe the worst in each other. Famous people are more likely to attract negative gossip than the common man in the street, because of their accomplishments.
    Michael was a gentle soul and too naive to realise that people were out to get him because of his money and fame.

    • Naomi

      Leave Michael alone, he’s not here to defend himself! I believe Michael is innocent, and he was able to prove that years ago, so why is this still being talked about? The people who came out recently, always denied that the rumors about Michael, but why did they change their minds/ the narrative now? So shady, please don’t believe in the lies. RIP Michael, you will always be a legend and loved by many ?

    • MJ was a sicko and a broke ass fraud

      As we all know, you’re a deranged lunatic. MJ was a psychopath like you are. Innocent don’t pay out 23 million in hush money like MJ did. STFU and sit your sick behind down Oh and we can see you switch accts to agree with your sick troll self too you lame ass wanker.

      • RobzZ01

        If he paid hush money, how would you know about it? Don’t be so stupid and believe anything you read. His insurance paid off the civil trail for 23 million so they could move on to the crimincal trial which you cannot pay off. Two grand juries did not want to indict Jackson and the Chandlers dropped the case because Jordy didn’t want to testify.

        • MJ was an evil pedo who died a drug addict pig

          Stupid shrill, court docs prove he paid 23 million in hush money, plus his sigs on the checks. You’re a loser who’s bull shat has been debunked a trillion times. You freaks need public exposure as child molesters too. How about this deranged lunatic who you sound like @Hammertonhal or Marty Flynn in Irleand. Oh wait, how about Charles Thompson, fake fat journalist in the UK? He’s a major Nambla member. F off filthy fanatic. Your shite don’t count for nothing knuckle head.



  3. Badboigibby

    Michael Jackson yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever .. we love you

  4. Crystal

    Yes! I love and miss Michael Jackson the king of Pop, forever. Never can say goodbye my beloved.