Governors Ball Was Forced to Cancel Sunday Performances — And Issue Refunds — Due to Inclement Weather

To the disappointment and frustration of thousands of music lovers, The Governors Ball Music Festival was forced to cancel all of Sunday’s (June 2nd) performances.

The festival was slated to happen between May 31st and June 2nd, though mother nature intervened.

Severe thunderstorms drenched attendees on Sunday, and the event’s officials followed the advice of law enforcement professionals by instructing guests to head for cover.  Said cover wasn’t available on-site, as The Governors Ball Music Festival is an outdoor event.

No injuries were reported, but more than a few ticketholders voiced their frustration on social media.

Sixteen different bands and musicians, including The Strokes, Nas, and Lilly Allen, were set to perform on Sunday. Per Governors Ball organizers, these acts will not be rebooked; the final day of 2019’s festival will be cancelled — not rescheduled, as some outlets initially reported.

The bad news is, of course, that the talent-packed final day of the event was rained out.  The good news, however, is that music fans were able to rock for two days and two nights before Mother Nature spoiled the fun.  These same fans will receive refunds for their Sunday tickets.

The Governors Ball website states that these refunds will be processed automatically, and ticketholders can expect the funds to be charged back to their accounts (the accounts associated with the payment method used to buy tickets, that is) within the next 21 days.

Those who bought a Sunday-only ticket will receive a full refund, while those who invested in a three-day pass will be credited one-third of their total cost.

Planners spend months analyzing potential locations and dates for outdoor events, and though it’d be easy to throw Governors Ball organizers under the bus, it seems as though they were diligent and attentive.  The first two days of the festival were pleasant enough, and even after Sunday’s dangerous rainfall, Monday’s weather has been sunny and clear-skied.

It seems as though the unfortunate occurrence was simply a bit of bad luck.  At least musicians and fans had two comfortable days to jam.

Meatloaf’s famous lyrics say it best: “Two out of three ain’t bad.”

2 Responses

  1. Anonymous

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  2. brendan

    I was there on Sunday. It was brutal.
    Correction: the entire day was not cancelled. Doors were pushed to 6:30, set times were rescheduled (Nas was the last act to play), then we were told to leave at 9:00/9:30, of course there was no cover – and it was an apocalyptic style evacuation. Of course, the ability / infrastructure to move 30-40,000 people off the island quickly and safely was non-existent.