McDonald’s Teams Up With Spotify to Offer Playlists — Based on Uneaten French Fries

In the mood for some Spotify with your large fries at McDonald’s?

McDonald’s has partnered with Spotify to offer tunes for its customers.

In Latin America, the food giant, alongside Sao Paolo advertising agency DPZ&T, Leo Burnett Colombia, and sound producer Lucha Libre, are inviting people to place their French fries on tray liners to trigger a specific playlist.  If the fries don’t fit, customers will have to eat some to make them line up on the tray.

Then, after opening up the Spotify app, fast food lovers can scan the code formed by the fries on their tray liners.  This will pull up a playlist dubbed ‘FriesList’ containing songs such as ‘FriTops of the Moment,’ ‘I’m Out of Fries,’ and ‘Someone Stole My Fries.’

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Aside from driving people to Spotify, the campaign also aims to help McDonald’s gain new customers interested in checking out the experience.

Speaking about the French fries/Spotify offering, Pablo Acosta, a creative director at Leo Burnett Colombia, explained,

In addition to the quality of the variety of the menu options, we want consumers to enjoy the experience in McDonald’s restaurants even more, whether through innovative actions or interacting to each other.  We want to value individual and collective experiences.

Spotify isn’t the only company to team up with a fast food brand.

Earlier this year, Swiggy, an Indian online food ordering chain, tweeted the following message to its 74.6 million followers.


The message left users confounded.  It wouldn’t take long before the Indian food chain revealed it had teamed up with Instagram.

After offering up to one year’s worth of food vouchers, the official Swiggy account wrote,

Wondering what this was?  Not a typo for sure!  It was our Voice of Hunger! Get ready for the #SwiggyVoiceOfHunger challenge.  You just need to recreate food shapes through Instagram VOICE NOTES, to win a year worth of food vouchers! 1st challenge coming up tomorrow.  Stay Tuned!

Through Instagram’s then-launched voice notes feature, people could recreate food item shapes through direct messages.


Featured image by McDonald’s and Spotify.

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