Lil Nas X Is Dropping a 7-Song EP Titled ‘7’ on June 21st

There's more down this dusty road. Lil Nas X's just-released 'Old Town Road' vinyl with download.
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There's more down this dusty road. Lil Nas X's just-released 'Old Town Road' vinyl with download.
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There’s more down this dusty road. Lil Nas X’s just-released ‘Old Town Road’ vinyl with download.

Lil Nas X and Columbia Records are preparing a cameo-heavy EP to build on ‘Old Town Road’.

Columbia Records will release 7 on June 21st, Lil Nas X recently confirmed.  Lil Nas X’s unique blend of country and rap elements will be further spiced up by several other collaborating musicians, including Billy Ray Cyrus (on the remixed “Old Town Road”), Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker (on “F9mily”; Barker also produced the song), and OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder (on “Bring U Down”; Tedder also produced the song).

Lil Nas X is one of today’s hottest artists — especially when his still-budding career is considered. The 20-year-old rose to acclaim with 2018’s “Old Town Road.” The chart-topping track’s remixed edition, which features Billy Ray Cyrus and kicks 7 off, proved even more commercially successful. Besides that track and a self-released mixtape, Nasarati, fans haven’t been able to hear much of Lil Nas X, who has been dedicating his free time and energy to the studio.

7 will change that, however, as it marks Lil Nas X’s first extensive experience working with the resources of a big-name studio — and the talent associated with high-profile musicians like Travis Barker and Ryan Tedder.

Superstar duets have been Columbia’s strategy from the start, with the Cyrus collaboration just a preview.

Earlier, fans got a collectible with the release of an ‘Old Town Road’ vinyl (pictured above).  But that was just a quick teaser.

As mentioned, Lil Nas X, whose birth name is Montero Lamar Hill, is just 20 years of age. Assuming that this EP is as successful and well-received as many fans and critics expect it to be, music lovers could be witnessing the beginning of a long and fruitful career — though critics say this is a one-hit wonder whose time is almost up.

Following the trend of many other anticipated albums, 7 will be available for download and streaming, but no plans have been made to stock a physical edition in stores. It’s expected that Lil Nas X will embark on some sort of tour after 7 drops, but at the time of writing, details haven’t yet been released.

Here’s to quick-rising prospects and innovative music — and even long-lasting careers.

2 Responses

  1. Rick

    He’ll do well. With a hit that huge, he can live off the fame for the rest of his life, like many one hit wonders who still perform at fairs and small venues. He doesn’t need any more big hits, though I’m sure that will happen. He’s in good hands, Columbia knows what they are doing. I applaud the youngster, he broke the mold, came up with something new & different, and succeeded against all odds. That’s what the music business is all about, not the kiddie music-by-committee mold that runs the industry nowadays. This is old-school success. A year ago, those same executives at Columbia would have considered him a waste of time. Shows what they know, not much.

  2. Rick

    I contradicted myself. Columbia knows what they are doing in so far as marketing and collaborations. These companies have no clue about talent or what can become popular, nobody does. But Lil Nas marketed himself through an at-home social media campaign! With little or no money, just social media savvy. They can learn something from him. So he has marketing skills, some music skills, and a huge following. Cue the cowboy/urban attire and maybe a black cowboy movie, and more gold for him. What a great thing to happen, the music industry needs to be shaken up. Thx, Lil Nas X!