ReKTGlobal Adds DJ and Music Producer Nicky Romero To Investor Roster

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Music producer and DJ Nickey Romero is the newest addition to the ReKTGlobal ownership group. Romero will co-host live streams and create content with Rogue players.

DJ Steve Aoki, the members of Imagine Dragons, and producer Marco “Tainy” Masís are already on board as investors. Global eSports infrastructure company ReKTGlobal made the announcement of Romero joining the ownership group today.

As a co-owner and board member, Romero will work to support the international expansion of ReKTGlobal and Rogue. Part of those duties will see Romero hosting live streams and create Rogue team content for players.

Rogue recently expanded into the League of Legends Europe Championship, which makes Romero a great fit.

Romero is known for songs like “Toulouse” and “I Could Be the One.” His collaborations include working with artists like David Guetta and Olivia Holt. He has produced songs for Britney Spears and Rihanna. ReKTGlobal continues to focus on the music industry for the potential development of its eSports platform.

DJ Steve Aoki joined the company as co-owner of Rogue before ReKTGlobal acquired it. Last year, the company announced all the members of Imagine Dragons as members of the ownership circle. Earlier this year, the company added Marco Masís and music executive Lex Borrero as investors.

Gaming and music are becoming tightly integrated, and the boundaries between the two are blurring. Last year, Drake and Scooter Braun invested in 100 Thieves, a company founded by a retired Call of Duty player.

Some EDM artists are seeing a surge in popularity after being featured in games like Fortnite. Marshmello received a huge surge in popularity after his in-game set blew past previous Fortnite records for the most players connected at one time. Even Drake has taken time out of his busy schedule to sit around and play a few games of Fortnite with Twitch stars like Ninja.