Spotify Faces Backlash After Axing Its Most Beloved Features on Mobile

Once again, users aren’t happy with Spotify’s new mobile update.

Spotify doesn’t have a great track record with iOS users as of late.

Several months ago, the streaming music company unveiled a controversial new feature aimed at forcing fans to share songs on social media.  In the process, Spotify deliberately hid the often-used repeat and play queue buttons.

Following a major backlash online, the company rolled back the update.

Android users haven’t fared much better.

On multiple devices, including Galaxy S10s, S9s, Note9s, and Huawei smartphones, Spotify’s playback lockscreen controls no longer functioned correctly.  This also happened to music lovers who streamed their favorite tracks via Bluetooth in their cars.

Unfortunately for Android users, the company only addresses these complaints with tone-deaf copy-and-pasted answers.

We’re still looking into this, and will get back to you as soon as we have updates.”

Now, the company has updated its mobile apps, introducing controversial features no one has asked for and axing those users loved.

Who needs the alphabet, anyway?

On June 13th, Spotify posted an update to the ‘Your Library’ feature.

Aimed at forcing users to finally listen to the company’s expanding podcast offerings, the blog post reads,

Starting today, we’re introducing a new version of Your Library to Premium users that mixes form with function.  Everything about the reimagined Library is designed to get you to the content you want faster.  It also makes getting started and staying up-to-date with podcasts on Spotify a seamless, personalized experience.

Basically, the company removed the alphabetical scroll bar as well as the Recently Played tab.  Under Music, users will now find ‘Playlists,’ ‘Artists,’ and ‘Albums.’

It didn’t take long to subscribers and non-paying listeners to lash out.

On the popular Spotify subreddit, you’ll find topics ranging from “BRING BACK OLD SPOTIFY” (which quickly went gold), “I just canceled Premium,” “New mobile update sucks!,” and a post titled “This update is bulls—t.”  Complaints range from poor functionality to Spotify’s copy-and-pasted justifications about how the axed features “make the user experience easier.”

One long-time listener didn’t hold anything back when addressing company executives.

What the f—k Spotify?  Why would you shoot us all in the foot like this?  I’m considering switching services if this isn’t fixed before the next billing cycle but I don’t know how other services compare.  Maybe I’ll do a trial of Apple Music but I have years of music stored on my Spotify.  This has ruined my day.

So far, the company has yet to respond to the criticism.  Yet, based on its recent history, expect Spotify to either roll back the update, or tune out its loyal listeners altogether.

Besides, who needs the alphabet when streaming their favorite music, anyway?  Just about everyone.



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  1. Eva

    Personally, what I wonder is how the way they pay artists can possibly help the less famous people out there on Spotify. If they get paid for number of streams.. That will not make anything easier. Promoting music is not easy, so..