A$AP Rocky Cancels His Entire July Tour Because of Swedish Detainment

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Still jailed in Sweden, A$AP Rocky nixes his remaining European tour stops.

As a result of being detained in a Swedish jail for two weeks while police investigate an assault allegation, American rapper A$AP Rocky has canceled the remainder of his July tour dates.  The 30-year-old rapper was completing the European leg of his 2019 tour when, on July 3rd, he was arrested following a street scuffle between his crew and multiple Swedish individuals.

Video of the incident was captured by one of Rocky’s posse members, and the footage seems to prove that the Swedish accusers instigated and initiated the situation.  Nevertheless, Rocky and several of his associates will be jailed for a mandatory two-week probation period (retroactive to July 3rd), during which police are conceivably meant to investigate.

Moreover, Rocky was detained specifically because police believe him to be a flight risk; he was also denied bail.

At the time of writing, no updates on the officers’ investigation have been released to the public, and Rocky is still behind bars. If convicted, the Harlem native could face up to six years in prison.

Prior to being arrested in Stockholm, Rocky had held successful shows in France, Belgium, Denmark, and Sweden.

He was set to perform ten additional times in July, including stops in Ireland, the United Kingdom, Russia, Germany, Belgium (in different cities than before), Italy, and Spain.

A$AP Rocky has taken to social media to state that the jail he’s occupying is unsanitary and downright dangerous.  Though the head guard of the jail provided comments to the contrary, it appears that Rocky’s allegations are at least partially based in reality.

(A point that shows just how large the story has become: Swedish jail employees are being interviewed).

Support for the artist’s situation has been abundant, and many individuals have signed petitions that aim to bring A$AP Rocky, whose real name is Rakim Mayers, justice. Moreover, Tyler, the Creator and Schoolboy Q have stated, in no uncertain terms, that they won’t visit Sweden again.