Michael Jackson Sexual Abuse Documentary Leaving Neverland Receives Five Emmy Nominations

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Michael Jackson accuser Wade Robson

Both Leaving Neverland and Surviving R. Kelly received Emmy nominations.

Leaving Neverland, the 2019 HBO documentary that tells the story of two individuals who claim that Michael Jackson sexually abused them as children, has received five Emmy nominations: Outstanding Directing, Editing, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing, and Overall Picture, all in the Documentary/Nonfiction program section.

The 2019 Emmy Awards will take place on September 22nd and will air on Fox from 8-11 PM EST (5-8 PM PST).

Additionally, Surviving R. Kelly, a multipart Lifetime documentary that explores allegations of sexual abuse that R. Kelly is said to have committed, received one Emmy nomination, for Outstanding Informational Series or Special.  Surviving R. Kelly was a commercial success and a major influencer of public opinion.

Kelly was charged with sexual abuse crimes at the state level earlier this year, and last week, Kelly was arrested for federal sex-crimes charges.

The lawyers for Michael Jackson’s estate vehemently denied the accusations made in Leaving Neverland, and an additional documentary, Michael Jackson: Chase the Truth, will be released on August 13th; the work will aim to disprove the allegations made in Leaving Neverland.

Chase the Truth is being distributed by Amazon and will debut on a multitude of on-demand video services.

Moreover, R. Kelly and his lawyers have also denied the charges, and it’s worth mentioning that in 2008, a jury found Kelly not guilty on 14 of 14 similar counts.  Kelly is currently being jailed — he was labeled a threat to the community and was refused bond — and will reappear in court on September 4th.

Beyonce’s Netflix special, Homecoming, was also nominated for six Emmys. Also, Sara Bareilles received a nomination for her songwriting contributions to CBS’s Tony Awards. Despite being nominated in the past, both women are trying to secure their first Emmy award.

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  1. Kirsty J Priest

    Good for Dan. He’ll win too. Suck it Floons.

    • Corinna Sommerfeld

      Also so langsam reicht’s. Mit
      Neverland. Wollen ,echte Missbrauchsopfer! soviel Geld ?Verdienen. Nein sie wollen Gerechtigkeit. Sie wollten auch immer Michaels nähe, auch im Erwachsenenalter. Wenn ich missbraucht bin, suche ich das Weite. Also da stimmt doch was nicht???!!

  2. Sam

    There are categories specifically for fictional efforts?

    • Jacko was a such wacko

      You are clearly a moron with zero credibility. Your ignorant comments proves you a liar & a pedophile yourself. 5 Emmy’s trumps your junk. Oh so does 23 million in hush money for molesting another child yrs ago. Go eat rocks now.

      • Veronica

        Another media toll that likes to troll on the comments section on the internet. Your ignorant comment on hush money proves you are the true moron around here with zero credibility. How is it hush money to settle a civil suit when it didn’t stop them from going for a criminal one with the same argument? Why didn’t they go for a criminal suit? Why didn’t they go for it the first time? Because you can’t settle a criminal suit and they got what they wanted, $. Go and try it eat those facts liar.

  3. Jacko was such a wacko

    English! MJ was a child molester.

    • Jacko was a wacko

      Pearl you full on liar and stupid. Old bag. Get your meds adjusted scammer.

  4. Giulia Z

    This just shows how much this world is corrupted. They gave 5 nominations to a “documentary” with provably false statements, suspicious editing and videos and audios taken out of context to manipulate the viewers. Yet the doc about R Kelly had only one nomination! HBO, one of the producers of LN and the channel that broadcasted it, is the sponsor of these awards. This is honestly a disgrace.

  5. Parziale

    In 2011, Robson approached John Branca, co-executor of the Michael Jackson Estate, about directing the new Michael Jackson/Cirque du Soleil production, ONE. Robson admitted he wanted the job “badly,” but the Estate ultimately chose someone else for the position.

    In 2012, Robson had a nervous breakdown, triggered, he said, by an obsessive quest for success. His career, in his own words, began to “crumble.”

    That same year, with Robson’s career, finances, and marriage in peril, he began shopping a book that claimed he was sexually abused by Michael Jackson. No publisher picked it up.

    In 2013, Robson filed a civil lawsuit/creditor’s claim, along with James Safechuck, who also spent time with Jackson in the late ‘80s. Safechuck claimed he only realized he may have been abused when Robson filed his lawsuit. That lawsuit was dismissed by a probate court in 2017.

    In 2019, the Sundance Film Festival premiered a documentary based entirely on Robson and Safechuck’s allegations. While the documentary is obviously emotionally disturbing given the content, it presents no new evidence or witnesses. The film’s director, Dan Reed, acknowledged not wanting to interview other key figures because it might “complicate” or “compromise” the story he wanted to tell.

    But what is that story you ask? This film mimics the contents of a (US-banned) fictitious book by a sickening child abuse fantasist. The film contains eerily similar claims that convicted criminal Victor Gutierrez is reported to have made in a book in 1993. In this book, he claimed that the Jordie, from the ‘93 case, and the King of Pop were lovers.

    Michael Jackson sued and WON! Gutierrez lost and was ordered to pay Jackson $2.7m in damages. Gutierrez fled the country and filed for bankruptcy.

    • Facts don't Liar!!!

      Do people just believe anything that is said to them and don’t investigate what is the truth and what isn’t. Oprah should be ashamed of herself to even give these two a platform to speak their liars. Oh then again there must be a new category for fictional boring films in that case it deserves the Five Emmy Nominations!

      Just remember people, facts don’t liar but greedy people that are chasing money do!!

      • MJ fans are sick liars and love pedophiles

        Ly’n shrill. STFU you non researching half wit.

      • MJ fans are filthy swine

        Facts don’t lie. Fanatics do. You have no shame you poster hump’n loser you are. Go jump out the window hater.

        • Truth fairy

          Wait until the end when those two accusers are really really broke. Who will laugh at the end.

      • MJ sucked on boys cock

        STFU you lying windbag. Facts don’t lie. Fanatics do.

        • Get the facts rught

          Wo!! no need for such language.
          LOL. You must come from real lovely family.

    • Vindicate is rife with lies and bull shat

      Vindihate bull shit. Take your meds old bag Elena of Poland You’re mentally ill and everyone knows. Try making a damn point without drowning on and on. Way to take the subject off top you stupid, stupid shrill.

    • SunnyM

      Money money, MJ cant even rest in peace. to add the info. Robson had dated MJ’s niece for a long time. She came out to tell people and they broke up because Robson cheated on her. MJ gave you everything now he is not there, you just betray him. One question for you Robson, what are you going to tell your children when they listen to MJ’songs? Because MJ’s music will be played for a long long time.

      Good on MTV that not to put MJ’s name down.

      People should search the truth before believing in anything. MJ will never can harm any child.

  6. Jill Land

    It’s going to be a damn shame if leaving neverland wins an emmy. I will not watch this bull crap. They are doing what they can to increase their viewership. Don’t watch the trash. Even when Michael was alive and being falsely accused by the sick Arviso family, the mass media was like vultures hungry to see an innocent man convicted.

    • Jill Land

      James Safechuck and Wade Robson are pure EVIL. They couldn’t get enough of Michael Jackson and found a way to attach themselves to him forever.