SoundCloud Taps NLE Choppa to Kick off Its Mobile Editing Launch

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SoundCloud introduced mobile profile editing in its iOS app today, with NLE Choppa unveiling the new feature.

SoundCloud is now touting total mobile creativity, with iOS-based creators given the ability to update their profiles while on the go.  Previously, profile changes needed to be done using a desktop (and, it should be noted, that’s still the case for Android-based creators).

SoundCloud’s creator profiles are how most users interact with the platform — either through showcasing their own talent or listening to someone else’s music.

Mobile profile editing makes SoundCloud feel more like a social network with music as its core focus. SoundCloud even takes a few shots at other streaming services in their announcement.

“Unlike other streaming services, SoundCloud gives creators maximum control of their profile, and now the ability to update from anywhere, anytime.”

SoundCloud touts itself as a premier destination for finding grassroots artists.  That focus has helped to spark an entirely new genre, SoundCloud Rap.

Accordingly, SoundCloud tapped NLE Choppa to showcase the feature.  Supporting his single “Shotta Flow 3,” SoundCloud demonstrates how mobile profile editing works.

16-year-old NLE Choppa — aka Bryson Potts — recently inked a deal with Warner Music Group after turning down a $3 million deal with an unnamed major label competitor.  Warner’s deal with the rapper included the creation of a sub-label titled No Love Entertainment.  That deal was structured through Warner Records, part of the mighty Warner Music Group umbrella.

NLE Choppa’s move follows a brief stay with UnitedMasters, the distribution startup with heavy funding from Alphabet/Google.  UnitedMasters kept NLE Choppa as a feather in its cap, though the rapper’s defection to Warner suggests that the major label system still has advantages to offer.

Mobile profile editing remains an iOS-exclusive feature for now.

SoundCloud has not indicated when the feature will launch for Android users. We’ve reached out to SoundCloud and will update when we have more information about an Android launch.


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  1. Jerz

    Great moment for NLE Choppa. More good new NLE Choppa projects to come.