MTV Refuses to Drop Michael Jackson’s Name from Its Video Vanguard Award — Accuser Wade Robson Calls the Decision ‘Unfortunate’

Michael Jackson receives the MTV Video Vanguard award in 1989.
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Michael Jackson receives the MTV Video Vanguard award in 1989.
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Michael Jackson receives the MTV Video Vanguard award in 1989.  The award still bears his name.

On August 12th, MTV announced that Missy Elliot is this year’s winner of the network’s Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award.

The announcement was not without controversy, as one of Jackson’s accusers expressed dismay that the network was keeping Jackson’s name on the award.

Wade Robson was one of the men who leveled accusations of sexual abuse against the late King of Pop in Leaving Neverland, which was a shocking documentary that HBO aired earlier this year.  Robson called MTV’s decision to leave Jackson’s name on the award “unfortunate.”

The Video Vanguard Award has been named after Jackson since 1991, which was two years before the first accusations of sexual misconduct were made of the singer.  While a jury in 2005 acquitted Jackson of sexually molesting a minor named Gavin Arvizo, who was a 13-year-old cancer patient at the time of the alleged crime, the singer settled with another accuser in 1993 while always denying any sexual misconduct.

But the airing of the documentary, which featured interviews of both Robson and another alleged victim named James Safechuck, has reignited the controversy surrounding Jackson.

Robson indicated that he is not demanding that MTV remove Jackson’s name from the award.  But, at the same time, he said that there are many survivors of sexual abuse who may be receiving a tough message.  “I don’t personally need MTV to do one thing or the other, but as child abuse survivors all over the world watch to see whether society will support them or not if they have the courage to come forward, in that regard, it’s an unfortunate choice,” Robson told TheWrap.

As of now, MTV has yet to issue a statement in response to Robson’s comments.

Despite that omission, MTV indicated in the award announcement that the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award was the Video Music Awards’ “highest honor.”  The award was first given in 1984 and some of pop music’s greatest talents have won it, including Jackson himself and others such as Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Rihanna and Beyoncé.

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  1. MJ was an evil fraud

    Shame on them. As if they didn’t know MJ was a pedophile yrs ago? What about dying a vile drug addict? That’s ok too? Shame on Elliott if she accepts it.

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    • Sandra

      Shame on you for not thinking and researching for yourself. The lies in Leaving Neverland were already debunked. Don’t be another sheep. Innocent he was back then and innocent he is now.

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    • Alazae80

      Michael Jackson is Innocent, the two had their chances in court they will not make a mockery of the United States Justice System! Wade Robson should be locked up because they’re proof that he lied!

      • Alazae80 Pedophile

        Fitlthy foreigner. MJ paid 23 million for molesting another child. Your ignorance and hate for yet another one of his victims don’t count for shit.

    • Alexa

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  2. Gill

    Well done MTV, maybe they have actually done the research, and seen the truth, instead of believing a couple of proven liars.

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    Good for MTV and Missy. Jackson’s legacy in the video community is UNMATCHED

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  4. Alazae80

    That’s why I will always love MTV they never gave a flying Fxxck. Robson is now a proven Liar. Hell no he ain’t embarrassing MTV. Please people are seeing right through their lies!!

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  6. Simone

    Thank you MTV for being reasonable, for not buying accusations without any prove – some of them already proven impossible/lies… thank you for refusing to prematurely judge a person who has had a tremendous influence on popular music as well as the development of music videos and next to this has spent millions of dollars to help underprivileged children and is not here to defend himself. I do believe, that victims should be heard but I don’t believe in lynch mobbing and prejustice based on nothing but accusations. And I simply don’t buy Robsons story – which one btw? since it changes multiple times over time -not just in minor details… needs a bit of logical thinking and investigation though, since the press doesn’t sell it as much… he is the real shame to real victims because it’s accusations containing proven lies and contradictions, accusations for personal gain like his that give victims a hard time to come forward.

  7. TruthbTold

    What’s unfortunate is that HBO gave two known liars a “documentary” platform to peddle child porn fiction as truth. The men should be arrested for the lies they told against the greatest entertainer in history — their allegations have already been proven false. Because there are so many proven lies, the Emmys on the other hand must rescind their 5 nominations extended to the “Neverland Documentary” in the “NON FICTION” category when it is nothing but FICTION, child porn fiction that does not deserve an Emmy. A comment in the “aftershow” was made that should offend everyone, especially true survivors, and that is ‘molestation feels good…’ I nearly fell on the floor when I heard it and this sick stuff does not need to be awarded in any category. If the Emmy’s does not rescind the nominations for “Leaving Neverland,” that awards should be boycotted.

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