Katy Perry Faces a Third Sexual Assault Accusation

Perry's first brush against impropriety as an American Idol judge in 2015.
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Perry's first brush against impropriety as an American Idol judge in 2015.
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Perry’s first brush against impropriety as an American Idol judge.

It hasn’t been a particularly good month for pop superstar Katy Perry.

Just last week, a jury awarded a Christian rapper nearly $3 million after determining that Perry’s 2013 hit song “Dark Horse” infringed on the rapper’s copyright. Then, in the last few days alone, two people have accused the singer of sexual misconduct.

The two accusations are actually the second and third made against Perry — and that’s only if you don’t count her grabbing the behind of Shawn Mendes at the iHeartRadio Music Awards back in 2017.

In March, former American Idol contestant Benjamin Glaze, who is 19 years old, claimed that Perry kissed him without his consent during the taping of the show. Glaze, though, refused to press charges and the whole thing was mostly forgotten.

Then, on August 14th, 34-year-old model Josh Kloss made a far more serious accusation. He and Perry met in 2010 during the filming of the video for “Teenage Dream.”  Kloss said the pair met socially a few times, and further claims that, during a party, Perry exposed his genitals to numerous people in attendance by forcibly pulling down his pants.

Unsurprisingly, many of Perry’s fans have spoken out against Kloss on social media, claiming that he’s just seeking fame.

Also, Anderson Davis, who co-starred on Perry’s song “Thinking of You,” called Kloss’s claim a “smear job.”

In the latest accusation, Tina Kandelaki, who is a television host in the country of Georgia, says that she met Perry at an industry party. Kandelaki claims that, when she met Perry, the singer was not only quite intoxicated but that she also tried to both kiss and touch her in a sexual way. Kandelaki further claims that she witnessed Perry acting inappropriately with other people at the party as well.

So far, Katy Perry has not addressed either of the latest two accusations.  If she’s lucky, these will vanish as quickly as the first one did.

Update (August 19th): Kandelaki has now stated that her comments were mistranslated from Russian, and that she was in no way harmed by Perry

27 Responses

  1. JulietteLewisLover

    I wish she’d sexually assault both me and my husband. We’d show her a proper “smear job”

  2. Synoptic 12

    Remember Sister Catherine Rose Holtzman, as your judgment has begun.

  3. Les Bakers

    Another sexual assault allegation? I guess it’s never really over.

  4. Dan

    ‘So far, Katy Perry has not addressed either of the latest two accusations. If she’s lucky, these will vanish as quickly as the first one did.’ Swap Katy Perry out with Harvey Weinstein and think about how vile that sounds. Shame on you.

    • Alex

      I agree. The double standard when the perpetrator is a woman, or to a lesser degree, attractive, is sickening.
      The author lost all credibility with that last comment.

    • Nicky

      Thank you! I was hoping someone else would see how wrong that comment is. A woman sexually assaulting people should be treated the same as men.

    • Poopoo

      If she’s lucky. Concentrate on the second word.

      Jesus Christ how dense are you people? He’s not condoning anything. He’s stating a fact. You and your shaming. The world would be so much better if you’d fuck off.

    • Kat

      But it’s still sexual assualt, whether you love her or not doesn’t concern an issue as grave as this.

    • LoveDove

      Okay can everyone just chill? This is crazy! We should mind our own personal life, not hers, and why would he bring that up 9 years later? Just leave the woman alone.

  5. MB

    when is metoo going to see to her being blacklisted like they’ve done to many male performers with much less evidence? oh, i forgot, metoo is female chauvinist bullshit so it’s ok when she does it.

    • DH

      I am a supporter of the #metoo movement because I believe that victims should be heard and I think men are very much a part of it. I also think Katy Perry should absolutely be admonished and lose her platform. I think your generalization, on the whole, is dishonest though as it suggests that *all* women who support the #metoo movement (there are plenty of men as well) can’t look at the actions of other women and criticize them. I can and I do because allegations of sexual misconduct should be taken very seriously and the victims heard.

    • DH

      Except if that man is the President of the U.S. then the 22 sexual allegations mean nothing. Another dishonest argument.

      For the record, though I do think Katy Perry should see justice for her actions because what she did is wrong. I’m not defending her I’m just pointing out how inaccurate your statement actually is.

        • Kar

          Hey Chuckie! Learning from Kelly Ann ConJOB are you? Deflect, deflect, deflect! Keep doing that until they forget the reason they asked you anything right? Ugh!

  6. Anon

    I have absolutely reviled Katy Perry ever since she sexually assaulted that young man on American Idol. I wish he had pressed charges.

    I am not surprised in the least to here she’s assaulted others and I hope people start to acknowledge that she’s scum.

    • Ehhh

      She is. Helped steal a young students work back in 2008 to start her career.

      • ViscousBee

        And how would you know exactly Ehhh? Your probably lying

  7. Ugh

    Katy and bonnie were and probably still are…meth users. What do you expect from these nasty pus bags


      who is bonnie??? i have been wondering this for months. just asking please respond

    • tawanda

      we’re all waiting on a response bitch we wanna know who tf bonnie is

    • lauren g

      sorry i was so harsh but i really want to know who bonnie is

  8. John

    Apparently Katy Spare Me gets a free pass on her sexual misconduct. If it had been a man he would be fired and in jail. Katy is disgusting.

    • KL

      What utter tosh. Men do this a thousand times a day to women, and get away with it. The whole entire world had to come together for the metoo movement to put ONE fkn person in prison. ONE. While rapists like your beloved Kobe are celebrated. Piss off with that dumb ass narrative. Men do this all the time, are exposed, and none of you give a shit so the predator doesn’t lose a damn thing.