Spotify Is Upgrading Its Family Plan With Actual Family Features

Spotify tinkers with its family plan
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Spotify tinkers with its family plan
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Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services in the world, with over 299 million active users. The company introduced its family plan in 2014, allowing six people to share a $14.99 monthly subscription, but until now, the subscription tier has had few family features.

However, Spotify is now testing an upgraded family plan in Ireland, with some enhancements geared towards parental oversight. As part of the upgraded offering, parents can set up an explicit content filter on their children’s accounts, blocking explicit content. The filter is password-protected, so only parental accounts can access the feature. This new feature is a great addition to the family plan, as it ensures that parents can protect their children from inappropriate content while still enjoying their favorite music.

The loose restrictions of the family plan have led to a rampant sharing of subscriptions with friends and close acquaintances, which has been a concern for Spotify. After years of abuse, Spotify has engaged in more stringent IP checks to crack down on fake families. During Spotify’s last Q2 earnings report, the company even blamed account sharing for a revenue drop. A recent report showed that revenue per listener has been on the decline since 2015, thanks partly to gamed accounts.

To address this issue, Spotify is planning on jacking up the price of its family plan to compensate. The streaming service recently tested a family plan price increase in Norway, but the change largely went unnoticed amongst price-insensitive Norwegians. Now, Spotify is testing the price hike across the rest of Scandinavia. Reports suggest the price hike could be as high as 13% in that region, though Spotify has declined to comment.

Scandinavia is a good testbed for price increases since the service is firmly entrenched in the region. Overall, Scandinavians are also less price-sensitive than other developing markets, so the streaming giant has more leeway to experiment. Other plans Spotify has tinkered around with include a two-person plan for $14/month. But its biggest push currently is towards a beefed-up, pricier family tier.

The upgraded family plan is a smart move by Spotify, as it addresses some of the concerns that have been raised about the plan. The addition of parental controls is a great feature that will appeal to parents who want to ensure their children are listening to appropriate content. However, the price hike may not be welcomed by all users, and it remains to be seen how successful the new pricing structure will be.

Overall, Spotify is taking steps to ensure that its family plan remains relevant and attractive to users. With more and more people turning to music streaming services, it’s important for Spotify to continue to innovate and improve its offerings to stay ahead of the competition.

In addition to its family plan, Spotify has also been experimenting with other pricing structures. For example, it recently launched a two-person plan for $14/month, which is a great option for couples or roommates who want to share a subscription. The company has also been testing a higher-priced subscription tier with additional features, such as lossless audio quality and exclusive content. These new pricing structures and features could help Spotify attract new users and retain existing ones.

In conclusion, Spotify’s upgraded family plan is a step in the right direction for the company. By adding parental controls and cracking down on account sharing, Spotify is addressing some of the concerns that have been raised about its family plan. However, the price hike may not be welcomed by all users, and it remains to be seen how successful the new pricing structure will be. Nonetheless, Spotify’s continued innovation and improvement of its offerings are essential for the company to remain competitive in the music streaming market.