5 Tips for Beginner Guitar Students

Did you know that the corpus callosum, the largest connective pathway in the brain, is bigger in musicians?

There are also studies that show how gray matter volume in different brain regions increases with musical training. In both children and adults, learning how to play an instrument can help strengthen cognitive functions such as retaining information, problem-solving, and so on.

Of course, for some people, these mental benefits are just a bonus. They want to learn how to play an instrument because they love music. Now, if you can relate as a beginner guitar player, you have a lot to be excited about.

Here, we’ll talk about how you can become a better guitarist by following these 5 tips for newbies.

1. Choose the Best Beginner Guitar

What’s the best guitar for beginners?

While many are familiar with six-string guitars, there are some guitars with 8 or 12 strings. You can also choose to play an electric guitar instead of the usual acoustic option.

The most important thing when buying a guitar is to make sure it’s something you can stick with. You have to enjoy playing it, so try to go for a guitar that suits your body shape and size.

2. Be Patient

Are you having trouble learning beginner guitar chords? Or maybe you’ve already mastered them and wish to move on to solos, but are frustrated with your progress?

The thing is you can’t expect the learning process to always be smooth. You need to be patient with yourself and trust that with consistent practice, you’ll improve your skills.

3. Consider Guitar Lessons

One of the benefits of guitar lessons for beginners is you’ll be learning theory along with proper techniques.

Now, some students might not like learning about theoretical concepts so much. However, if you’re serious about becoming better, some background knowledge can help you improve faster.

If you’re not sure about hiring a teacher, you can try virtual lessons first. You could also go for Skype guitar lessons if you have a kid who also wants to learn how to play. This way, you can see how the lessons are structured and might even pick up some tips for your own studies.

4. Try Different Playing Styles

You don’t have to limit yourself to rock if that’s the only genre you want to play. Don’t forget that listening to other types of music can help you become a more rounded guitar player.

Tip: Try playing songs from different genres when you practice. Not only will your fingers get a good workout, but this can also make practice time more fun.

5. Practice, Practice, Practice

When you’re ready for advanced lessons, it doesn’t mean you can cut down your practice time to half.

Remember, even professionals practice so they don’t get rusty. Keep at it until you can play your favorite songs without looking at a chord book, then try learning new, more difficult pieces.

Ready to Become a Better Musician?

Now that you know some beginner guitar tips, why not take this time to learn more about becoming a better musician?

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