More Allegations Against Michael Jackson Surface — This Time from Marlon Brando

Entrance to Neverland Ranch
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Entrance to Neverland Ranch
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Entrance to Neverland Ranch

It was recently revealed that an unlikely source spoke with police and prosecutors regarding Michael Jackson’s sexual abuse allegations.

During Jackson’s highly publicized 1994 trial, acting legend and The Godfather star Marlon Brando informed prosecutors of conversations he had with Jackson; Marlon visited Neverland Ranch because his son, Miko, was employed there, and he and Jackson had several subsequent interactions. Brando believed these conversations to be significant in terms of Jackson’s alleged crimes.

This previously unreported sit down with prosecutors is set to be revealed in the season finale of Telephone Stories: The Trials of Michael Jackson, which will be released on September 1st.  Telephone Stories is a 13-part docuseries podcast that is available on Luminary, an up-and-coming podcast platform.

Brando reached out to prosecutors and offered them information that he thought would be useful during Jackson’s trial. Brando was interviewed, under oath, on March 14th, 1994.  The sealed conversation was transcribed in its entirety, and the account provided in Telephone Stories is accordingly accurate.

Brando told the interviewing detectives, Bill Hodgman and Lauren Weis, that Jackson’s fear of swearing affected their conversations, and that Jackson would become uncomfortable when “the f-word” was used.  While discussing his and Jackson’s sex lives, Brando recalled that Jackson seemed to have little to say. When Brando asked Jackson “if he was a virgin,” Jackson giggled in response.

Marlon didn’t let Michael Jackson off the hook, though; Jackson’s odd behavior only made Brando more confident that something below-board was happening.

He pressed Michael Jackson on his sexuality and abuse allegations, and Jackson began weeping and said that he hated his father. Brando believed Jackson’s sadness derived from his guilt of abusing children.

He told prosecutors as much, and once again, all that Brando said while on the stand will be detailed in the season finale of Telephone Stories.

This development comes during a relatively rough stretch for Michael Jackson’s legacy. MTV recently removed Jackson’s name from the Video Vanguard Award.

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  1. Anonymous

    MJ is dead, will the judge dig him up from the ground to serve jail time?

    • Charlse Thomson

      He’s not in the ground. He’s rotting in a wall & in hell. Wacko Jacko freaks who know nothing about MJ don’t know that had the POS pedophile lived. He’d be in prison today.

  2. Wacko Raped Babies

    Wacko Jacko was “one sick f–k” as one perspicacious writer once said.