VC Fund DBTH Capital Just Raised $38.4 Million to Invest in Music Rights Tech, AI + Blockchain

Virginie Berger of DBTH Capital
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Virginie Berger of DBTH Capital
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Virginie Berger

The world of venture capital is constantly evolving, and now there’s even more capital available for blockchain, AI, and music rights tech startups and initiatives. One such beneficiary is DBTH Capital, a venture capital firm founded by longtime French music executive Virginie Berger.

In a recent LinkedIn post, Berger announced that DBTH Capital had raised an impressive 35 million euros, which translates to a little more than $38.6 million, from nine different investors. She also indicated that the company plans on raising more in the future, which is a testament to the growing interest in the intersection of music and technology.

Berger further revealed that DBTH Capital’s strategy is to invest venture capital in companies that are focused on developing entertainment rights technology. This includes companies involved in blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and various forms of music rights infrastructure. By supporting these types of companies, DBTH Capital is helping to build a more innovative and diverse music industry that can better serve artists and consumers.

In addition to its focus on venture capital investment, Berger also indicated that her company plans to merge with a U.S. company that is one of its largest investors. The company, which is currently unnamed, controls assets of close to $5 billion. This move will allow DBTH Capital to benefit from the support of the U.S. company’s team, analysts, legal structure, and day-to-day operations.

Founding and running DBTH Capital is not the only thing Berger is up to. She also recently joined an unnamed company in Los Angeles whose focus is similar to the types of companies DBTH Capital hopes to invest in. She is additionally attempting to launch a nonprofit initiative called We Are Music Tech. This initiative hopes to build an international community focused on startups converging music with technology.

Berger plans to launch We Are Music Tech in partnership with a number of companies, and she says that it is something that she was not able to work on while in her previous positions. From 2016 until 2018, Berger was the CEO of Armonia Online, which bills itself as a music licensing hub. After leaving Armonia Online, Berger joined LeonSquare, which is a Belgian venture capital fund, where she served as a venture partner. She’s also held positions at Microsoft, NRJ, Omnicom, and MySpace France.

Overall, DBTH Capital’s recent fundraising success is a sign of the growing interest in technology-driven innovation in the music industry. By investing in companies that are focused on entertainment rights technology, DBTH Capital is helping to shape the future of music and build a more equitable and thriving industry. With Berger at the helm, it’s clear that DBTH Capital is poised for continued success and impact in the years to come.

However, the music industry has faced several challenges in recent years, such as declining album sales and the impact of digital piracy. Technology has been both a blessing and a curse for the music industry, as it has enabled new revenue streams and distribution channels but has also disrupted traditional business models.

DBTH Capital’s focus on technology-driven innovation in the music industry is therefore timely and much-needed. By investing in companies that are developing blockchain, AI, and music rights tech, DBTH Capital is helping to create a more resilient and innovative music industry that can better adapt to changing market conditions.

Moreover, Berger’s launch of We Are Music Tech is a positive step towards building a more collaborative and inclusive music industry. By bringing together startups, investors, and other stakeholders, We Are Music Tech can help to foster innovation, creativity, and diversity in the music industry.

In conclusion, DBTH Capital’s recent fundraising success and Berger’s leadership in the music industry are encouraging signs that the industry is moving in the right direction. By investing in technology-driven innovation and fostering collaboration and inclusivity, DBTH Capital and We Are Music Tech can help to build a more resilient, diverse, and thriving music industry for the years to come.