Samsung Builds a Vertical Concert Stage So Fans Can Take Better Instagram Shots

The vertical stage at Samsung KX
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The vertical stage at Samsung KX
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Photo Credit: Samsung

Samsung has created the world’s first vertical stage to help fans take the perfect Instagram shots.

The stage at the grand opening of Samsung KX in London features an unexpected design. The new space features a stacked, three-story stage over 30 feet high. All elements of the gig can be seen vertically.

Fast-rising talent Mabel took the stage for the first performance.

The new Samsung KX experience space is supposed to be a place of discovery for visitors in London. The experience aims to offer a slice of life in the future.

Other multi-sensory experiences are included to help users see how innovations may change in the future. Yoga classes, cooking workshops, and more are all powered by Samsung technology.

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Photo Credit: Dave Benett

Samsung says vertical concerts may soon become a trend that catches on. The tech giant estimates that 94% of smartphone users use their device vertically.  79% of those users found vertical content the most engaging.

Samsung describes the vertical stage as the best way to experience performances “both on and off screen.” The vertical stage lets the crowd capture everything about the experience in one frame.

Tanya Weller —Director of Samsung Showcase — says the new vertical stage is designed with sharing in mind.

“This experience was designed to give fans the ultimate performance tailored specifically for instant sharing. We pride ourselves on creating innovations that defy barriers and tonight’s vertical stage performance alongside a panel of thought leaders showcased how if we work together, we can do just that.”

Universal Music U.K.’s creative agency Globe helped broker the partnership between Mabel and Samsung. Creative agency network Iris was brokered by Globe to handle the deal. Mabel, whose ‘Finders Keepers’ exploded in 2017, says she participated in the venue as a way to embrace innovation.

3 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    Lets just overlook band communication and interaction because instagram photos.

    • Anon

      So groundbreaking. Wow. Genius. Can’t wait for the future. So excited. Marvelous innovation. About time. Hope Hollywood Bowl follows suit with a 60 story stage, 1 platform for each member of John Williams symphony. Would be epic, incredible, and now inevitable. Hallelujah. Praise the SIMULATOR!

      • Paul Resnikoff

        It seems that Snoop Dogg beat everyone here with the Doritos vending machine stage at SXSW – it was so visionary it even predated Instagram