A$AP Rocky’s Swedish Lawyer Brutally Attacked; Shot Multiple Times at Close Range

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The Swedish lawyer who represented A$AP Rocky in his assault case was shot multiple times Friday morning in Stockholm.

The secretary-general of the Swedish Bar Association confirmed that the victim is Henrik Olsson Lilja.  Stockholm police are not confirming the victim’s identity but did confirm one arrest had been made.

Reports suggest Lilja is alive and in the hospital, but his current condition is unknown.  At this stage, it’s unclear if there’s any connection to the recent A$AP Rocky assault case that drew worldwide attention.

Henrik Olsson Lilja was the first lawyer hired to represent the rapper.  A$AP Rocky was involved in an altercation on June 30th in the streets of Stockholm.  Another legal team later replaced Lilja before A$AP Rocky’s trial.

Sweden’s Expressen newspaper reports the arrested suspect is also a senior lawyer.  Witnesses say they saw a woman wrestle with Lilja before he was shot multiple times by a male assailant.  The situation suggests some sort of personal grudge or disagreement unrelated to the Rocky case.

The report says the arrested suspect is a woman who was previously banned from contacting Lilja.

Police are investigating her for possible instigation of attempted murder. Reports are unclear if the man who actually opened fire is in police custody or not. Witnesses told papers Lilja was bleeding but conscious. He was shot in the head and chest, with at least two bullet wounds.  Other witnesses report the man who shot Lilja sped away in an SUV.

Swedish police say the shooting is still being investigated.  It is described as an “isolated incident” with no known connection to recent violent crimes.

A$AP Rocky was convicted of assault after a June street brawl.  The rapper pled self-defense while being detained for several weeks.

The rapper and his bodyguards were given conditional sentences for the assault convictions. That means they won’t serve prison time unless similar assaults occur in Sweden again.  Although the rapper was found guilty of beating Mustafa Jafari in the streets of Stockholm, A$AP Rocky recently announced he would not fight the conviction.

The assault case became widely publicized after U.S. President Donald Trump promised to do something about it. It’s unclear what impact Trump’s actions had on the outcome of the case.

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  1. Larry

    In one sentence you say the arrested suspect was a male. Then in the very next sentence you say the arrested suspect was a woman. Which one is it?

  2. Blobbo

    This is what happens when a great country imports gutter rap culture. Real smart, Sweden. You were a pure peaceful country once. Now, you’re a mix of Chicago and Damascus. Brilliant move, feministas.