Stagelight Acquired By Roland ⁠— Launching New Product Called Zenbeats

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Photo Credit: Roland

Open Labs has announced that Roland Corporation has acquired Stagelight.

According to official word this morning, the app and team will continue under Roland. The development has been underway, and the team is introducing a new product called Roland Zenbeats.

Zenbeats features Roland sounds and a newly designed interface.  It also includes on-screen instruments, 3rd party plugin integration, and drag and drop support. Also supported are collaborative jamming via Ableton Link, streamlined cloud support, and enhanced exporting options.

Alongside the announcement, Stagelight is hoping to entice users to switch to the new platform. For 90 days, all current Stagelight customers are eligible to receive the equivalent version of Zenbeats.  The no-cost swap could do the trick to retain existing clientele.

All Stagelight credits will be honored through December 31st, 2019. Users can spend their remaining credits in Stagelight before transitioning to the new platform. Existing songs, recordings, and audio can be imported into Zenbeats from the Stagelight library. Cloud users just need to change the folder name from Stagelight to Zenbeats.

The company has also provided directions for how to transfer purchased content into Zenbeats. However, there is a note that some content will not transfer.  Most of that content appears to be licensed content that may be non-transferable in such an acquisition.

The full list of non-transferable content is still pretty substantial, though (see below).

Stagelight to Zenbeats — Non-Transferable Content

  • Timbaland Loops
  • Linkin Park Loops vol 1
  • Timbaland Drums
  • Linkin Park Loops vol 2
  • Linkin Park Drums 1
  • Synthetic Vol 2
  • Linkin Park instruments
  • Linkin Park drums 2
  • Ambient Soundscapes 1
  • Ambient Soundscapes 2
  • The Follower
  • Smiling Psychopath
  • Meltdown
  • Bengal Delta
  • Brooders
  • Classic Beats
  • Thin Ice
  • Heroes
  • Goodbye
  • Bled Dry
  • Zero Gravity
  • Clown Hunt
  • Guru
  • Future Funk Loops
  • Dubstep Drums
  • House Drums
  • 5 Speed
  • Duelin
  • Neon Flight
  • Fearless
  • Alien Technology
  • World Percussion
  • Organs Vol 1
  • Neon Keys 1
  • Neon Keys 2
  • Lightwave
  • Vintage FM
  • Vox tools
  • Future Funk Drums
  • Future FM