XXXTentacion Murder Suspect Is Still Awaiting Trial; Seeks Bond to Get Out of Jail

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One of the individuals who’s been accused of organizing and carrying out the murder of rapper XXXTentacion is attempting to secure bond ahead of his trial.

21-year-old Trayvon Newsome has been jailed in Brownard County, Florida, since surrendering to police on August 7th, 2018. Police had been searching for Newsome beforehand, as he’d been identified and charged with first-degree murder and robbery with a deadly weapon. In Florida, those found guilty of first-degree murder can be sentenced to death.

Newsome and his lawyers argue that he’s entitled to bond, and the appropriate forms have been filed, making the request official.

Newsome, along with Robert Allen, Michael Boatwright, and Dedrick Williams, is believed to have murdered XXXTTentacion in June of last year. Moreover, prosecutors allege that Newsome was one of two gunmen who fired the shots that killed XXXTentacion.

XXXTentacion, whose real name was Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy, was shot and killed on the afternoon of June 18th, 2018.

Newsome and the other suspects blocked XXXTentacion’s car into the parking lot of a motorcycle dealership, exited their vehicle, and attempted to rob him; he resisted and was shot multiple times. XXXTentacion passed away shortly after being transported to the hospital. He was just 20 years old.

It didn’t take police long to identify the suspects, as two of the four involved individuals (Allen and Williams) followed XXXTentacion and his uncle into the motorcycle store and had previously purchased two black masks.

XXXTentacion’s second posthumous album, Bad Vibes Forever, is set to release sometime this fall. The record’s first single, “Royalty,” dropped on July 19th. Lil Wayne, Blink-182, Rick Ross, Lil Nas X, and many other well-known bands and artists contributed to the work. Prior to this, Skins released in December 2018 and featured contributions from Kanye West and Travis Barker.

Trial dates have not yet been set for XXXTentacion’s murder suspects.

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  1. Subparallel

    He took someone out of this world that would’ve changed it. I think damn well he has two options only: Life in prison or death.

    • xlivesinme

      man he dont even deserve to be alive… he shot one of the greatest people ever. no bond, no life. DEATH!

      • djmikez


  2. the_id

    I hope some anally assaults him to death or cuts open his stomach and wears his entrails while he is alive for a few hours. Then butt fuxks him to death. Then proceeds to desecrate his corpse beyond recognition. Then pisses and shots all over it and writes his Mom a letter detailing what he did. THAT is all he deserves. That and the 9th circle of hell where Satan will do the exact same thing to him, over and over again, forever. Bitch ass mf

  3. angryXFan

    I hope he dies in jail x didn’t deserve that he was going to change the world until this fat fuck came along he dosnt even have the balls to admit it was him that killed x what a fucken pussy

  4. Igetoffonyourshittalking

    Early October: XXXTentaction’s ex-girlfriend finds out that she is pregnant with his child.

    October 6–8: Over the course of two days, several instances of domestic violence allegedly take place. According to XXXTentacion’s ex-girlfriend’s testimony, he threatened to kill her and her unborn child before elbowing, punching, and kicking her. When she asked other residents of the pair’s apartment to take her to the hospital, XXXTentacion refused to let her leave. She recalls him saying that she needed to wait until her face (which was severely beaten) had healed. XXXTentacion and his housemates then drive her to another apartment, where they leave her in a bedroom and confiscate her phone. She is trapped there for two days until, on October 8, she manages to escape and contact the police.

    Yep you all are right a real hero to society

    • yall suck

      that is honestly sad and i’m sad that happened to her but i honestly don’t think he should have been killed he made a mistake he needed help mentally and should have gotten that to make a recovery on the road to hopefully be a better person but i think people like you implying he deserved to die and people making his death a meme and such are doing too much let the guy rest hes fucking dead damn let people grieve im not even a fan of him but im tired of it