YouTube Takes a Cue From Spotify With Its New ‘Discover Mix’ Weekly Playlist

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Photo Credit: 9to5Google

YouTube Music has a new automated playlist called ‘Discover Mix’ ⁠— set to rival Spotify’s ‘Discover Weekly’.

The automated playlist helps listeners find new songs and artists in line with their musical tastes. The playlist is filled with 49 songs the algorithm thinks you’ll enjoy, based on past listening history. The logo is a retro neon affair, much like YouTube Music’s ‘New Release Mix.’

According to the description, ‘Discover Mix’ is “picked for you” based on listening history and updated every Wednesday.

Some feedback from the YouTube Music Reddit community seems to highlight how the algorithm works. One poster says they’ve heard none of the 49 tracks, but all were from artists they were familiar with.  Another said they ended up liking at least 32 tracks in the Discover Mix playlist.

“Mine has 49 songs and many of them are from artists I have listened to along with a few new artists. Of the tracks from artists I have listened to before, almost all of them are songs I hadn’t heard before. Also none of the tracks are ones I have rated (liked/disliked) before now. Out of the 49 tracks in the playlist I ended up ‘liking’ and adding 32 of them to my library.”

YouTube Music’s move into automated playlists is just one way the service is trying to set itself apart. The Discover Mix is rolling out worldwide, but it may take a few weeks for everyone to get it. Google’s engineers may be better at figuring out what music you’d like to hear than Spotify, but adoption remains weak.

I don’t have the update on my own device, so I couldn’t test recommendations offered to me.

YouTube Music is now available in over 63 countries, but the service is struggling against Spotify and Apple Music. Exclusive content hasn’t made the service compelling enough, so perhaps copying playlist ideas will make it seem on par?