Apple Music Launches Visual ‘Lyrics to Live By’ as Part of iOS 13 Update

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Photo Credit: Apple Music

Apple Music has launched a new real-time lyrics feature in iOS 13.

To celebrate the new feature, a new series of “Lyrics to Live By” videos were released. According to the press release, Apple wants to highlight “this new frontier in the listening experience.”

The new page features videos from popular artists talking about the meaning behind their lyrics. Artists highlighted in the new video series include Hunter Hayes, Halsey, and more.

“Whether it’s today’s biggest artists telling the personal stories behind the indelible lines that double as invaluable life advice,” the page reads, “or robust playlists showcasing the sharpest lyricists in the history of music, you’ll have a whole new appreciation for that your favorite artists are saying, not just how they’re saying it.”

Also on the front page of the “Lyrics to Live By” site is a curated selection of Modern Masters. The playlist series features songbooks from several artists including Benny Blanco, Brody Brown, J Kash, Bonnie McKee, Victoria Monet, Ed Sheeran, and more.

The landing page serves to highlight a new feature in iOS 13 that offers karaoke-style live lyrics.

Performing songs on social media like TikTok has become huge among the younger demographic. But just how accurate are these lyrics? Yesterday we reported on rapper LL Cool J updating his lyrics after decades. He said no one had his lyrics right, not even sources marked official.

The copying fiasco earlier this summer serves to highlight that lyric sites don’t always get it right. LyricFind works with several labels to deliver its lyrics, but these aren’t always accurate. Rap lyric site Genius caught LyricFind copying its lyrics red-handed by using alternating apostrophes to spell out the phrase ‘red-handed.’

iOS and Mac users interested in the new feature can try it out by visiting the “Lyrcs to Live By” landing page.