Grammy-Winning Producer Noel ‘Detail’ Fisher Slapped With $15 Million Judgment Following Rape, Sexual Assault Allegations

 Noel "Detail" Fisher
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 Noel "Detail" Fisher
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Noel “Detail” Fisher

A superior court judge in Los Angeles has delivered a $15 million judgment against Grammy-winning songwriter and producer Noel Fisher, who is professionally known as ‘Detail’.

The plaintiff in the case was Kristina Buch, who is an aspiring singer and model.  She accused Fisher in a lawsuit of rape as well as sexual and emotional abuse.

Fisher has produced hit songs for artists such Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne and Wiz Khalifa, and he also co-wrote Jay-Z and Beyonce’s hit song “Drunk in Love,” for which he won a Grammy.

At the end of 2018, Buch filed the suit against Fisher, though neither he nor his lawyers responded to the summons, nor did they file any documents relating to the case. All this led the judge to issue a default judgment in favor of Buch.

So far, Fisher has yet to comment on the judgment. I. Mark Bledstein, who is his lawyer, also has yet to issue a comment into the matter.

This is not the first time that someone has filed a sexual misconduct lawsuit against Fisher.

At least two others have been filed in the past.  In regards to these, Fisher did comment.  He insisted that the allegations against him were untrue, and he also indicated that they have caused him not only to lose work but also his home.  He further said that this is why he was unable to answer the complaints against him.

In the latest lawsuit, Buch said that, after moving to Los Angeles from Indiana in 2016, she met Fisher while working as a model.  She says that Fisher agreed to help start her music career and that the two made recordings together.  But she says he became abusive toward her when she refused his sexual advances, and eventually he raped her.

An additional four women have accused Fisher of sexual impropriety. Some of these were newcomers to the music industry while others were already established in it.