Spotify Family Plan Launches In India ⁠— $2.52 Per Month For Six People

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The Spotify Family Plan is now available in India. The service starts at $2.52/month per account.

The plan unlocks premium access to Spotify for up to six people. All members of the family can stream music and podcasts, with the primary account holder being billed.

The Family Plan also features parental controls and a playlist called Family Mix. Family Mix is a playlist made up of all the music your family is enjoying. Spotify’s price for the plan is Rs. 179 or about $2.52 per month. That’s a tad more expensive than the Apple Music price of Rs. 149 ($2.10 USD) per month.

Spotify is relatively new to the Indian market, launching on February 26th this year.

India has over 1.3 billion people, so expanding in the market makes sense for growth purposes. But it’s unclear how Spotify will enforce family plan checks as it does in the US and EU. Spotify recently cracked down on friends sharing family accounts by requiring IP check-ins.

Access options in India are also quite varied compared to other countries. The pay-as-you-go nature of the country means you can buy a single day of Spotify Premium access for as little as $.18 per day. Daily, weekly, or monthly subscription plans are available.

A Spotify Family Plan can support up to six accounts, so that means revenue of $0.42 per user.

Elsewhere in the world, Spotify is experimenting with jacking up family plan prices. Just this summer, we reported on  family plan price increases that hit Norway and Sweden. Spotify has added a slew of features to the Family Plan to justify the rise.

Those features include upgraded parental controls and the Family Mix playlist. A new Family Hub is also available for managing settings. At this point, Spotify is late to the game in India, so they’re playing catch-up behind several more popular Indian music streaming services.

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  1. Nicky Knight

    If we accept streaming is today’s recorded music business, then I think this is a good thing.

    Even though it’s tiny tott pennies, if enough take it up it can produce some sizeable loafs for the streaming companies.

  2. Blobbo

    The United Nations should stop this company. I am not kidding. Daniel Eck to me is an enemy of global culture, and needs to be in jail at best.