Bud Light Basically Owns Post Malone at This Point

For those who love the taste of Bud Light and the music of rapper Post Malone, the ultimate partnership has been established with the limited-edition, 16 oz. Bud Light can that features the mug of Post Malone. This remarkable branded partnership is an ode to Post Malone’s professed love for Bud Light. In return, Budweiser offered a massive check to make the relationship official.

Budweiser has started rolling out its limited-edition, 16 oz. Bud Light cans that bear the face of Malone. These markets are all on Post’s sold-out Runaway tour, and include Salt Lake City, Denver, El Paso, Laredo, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Houston, McAllen, Oklahoma City, New Orleans, Chicago, Washington, DC, Boston, and New York City.

The can’s design includes Post’s face and his signature, along with a reimagined Bud Light icon. The design is inspired by Post Malone’s Texas upbringing and his tattoos. The reimagined crest features Post’s face front and center, as well as his autograph, and draws inspiration from Post’s tattoos: barbwire, swords, and medieval dragons while paying homage to his hometown in Texas with state outline and steer skeleton.

In an email sent to Digital Music News, a Bud Light exec said, “The design features a reimagined Bud Light’s iconic crest with Post’s face front and center, as well as his autograph and draws inspiration from Post’s tattoos: barbwire, swords and medieval dragons while paying homage to his hometown in Texas with state outline and steer skeleton.”

Post Malone was very excited about this partnership and said that he was “very passionate” about making this happen. He also said that “it’s so sick to see my mug” on a can of beer. It’s a dream realized by very few people and a unique opportunity to combine two things he loves.

The special-edition Post Malone Bud Light can was first announced in early August during his appearance on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.” During the show, Post and Fallon played a game of beer pong, which served as the perfect means to introduce people to the can.

On the show, Post also talked about his latest album Hollywood’s Bleeding, which features Ozzy Osbourne, Meek Mill, and Travis Scott, among others. The record has been a massive success, with Ozzy also feeling a nice late-career bump from the collaboration.

Hollywood’s Bleeding was the follow-up to last year’s beerbongs & bentleys album, which features tracks like “Rockstar” and “Candy Paint,” among other smashes. Post Malone has been making waves in the music industry since his debut album, Stoney, in 2016. He continues to push the boundaries of music genres, collaborating with artists from different genres, including country, rock, and pop.

The limited-edition Post Malone Bud Light cans are a must-have for both Bud Light lovers and Post Malone fans. The can’s design is an excellent representation of Post Malone’s passion for his music and his Texas roots. This partnership between Budweiser and Post Malone is a perfect example of how collaborations can lead to unique and exciting products that cater to the interests of different audiences.

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