FIX Music Rewards Layers In Credit & Debit Card Points

FIX Music Rewards says it’s changing the way fans engage with music. Nearly one million installs on, it might be on to something.

The app rewards music fans with points for listening to music and engaging with artists they love. Users can redeem their points for discounts on merch, tickets, and other goodies. Now, the app is linking credit/debit card info to allow users to earn points based on in-app purchasing activity.

FIX Music Rewards says it’s using Plaid to connect users’ bank accounts and associated cards.  Plaid’s API provides access to over 9,600 banks and credit cards in the USA and Canada, all with PCI compliance and data protection.  Plaid’s services work with Venmo, Betterment, Coinbase, and tons of other popular apps.

FIX fans can redeem from a huge catalog of rewards from thousands of artists. Users can buy merch directly if they don’t want to spend their accrued points, or use a combination of points and cash.  The same goes for other redemptions.

The service also offers a monthly membership program that offers ad-free streaming and other monthly perks. One perk is free shipping on all merchandise (free users only get free shipping on vinyls and CDs).

Offering credit/debit card rewards puts FIX on the same level as Rakuten and Both of these services aim to give consumers a little extra cash back in exchange for their valuable shopping data.

CEO Jerry Deifer says FIX has spent a significant amount of time perfecting the fan engagement and rewards experience.

“We’ve spent a significant amount of time looking at the market and developing the best fan UX experience we can. We’ll continue to prioritize this by adding and updating feature sets which will include functions that surpass existing innovation in the space.”

Deifer says there’s already been an 8% uptake on the credit/debit card feature among active users in the app, which means there’s a proof-of-concept and plenty of room to grow. Fan merchandising is evolving as technology changes the way fans interact with their favorite music.


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