Should You Tour on a Private Jet? (No, Seriously)

For the hour or so that they’re on stage, it might look like an artist has the world in their hands.

The following comes from Paramount Business Jets, a proud partner of Digital Music News.

Their name in bright lights. Thousands of fans chanting their lyrics in unison. An unmistakable electricity in the air.

But that doesn’t tell the full story.

Being a musician on a worldwide tour sounds like a dream come true. But, in reality, it requires lots of work behind the scenes.

A massive part of this is transport. And that’s why many artists choose to travel by private jet.

So, can artists really enjoy the tour of a lifetime without getting caught in the nitty-gritty of transport details? To find out, we took a look at what a private jet can offer – and whether it’s a smart investment.

Understanding the needs of musicians

Private jet brokers have helped arrange many successful concert tours taking place around the world, from the United States and Europe to Asia and the Middle East.

One of the biggest perks involves time, and how important it is to the artist.

Normally, customers who book a private jet want the experience to last as long as possible. They want to enjoy the VIP lifestyle and make the most of the facilities. This is especially the case when it’s a one-off booking.

But for musicians on tour, the opposite is true.

That’s because a worldwide tour can be a grueling process which is jam-packed with traveling. In many cases, artists will land in a country in the morning and depart within 24 hours.

Private jet or otherwise, that amount of traveling eventually takes its toll.

Invariably, artists on tour become jaded. Hours of traveling each day, coupled with intense performances, can lead to fatigue.

Having an experienced team arrange your private jet can have a MAJOR impact on this.

In fact, using a private jet can mean an artist covering more dates.

Faster travel. More distance covered. More venues ticked off.

For artists who perform to a large fan base, this is certainly something to consider. Provided they’re capable of attracting a strong turnout, the extra ticket sales will mean extra profit.

If you compare the added profit from extra ticket sales against the total cost of a private jet, you’ll begin to get a good idea about whether it’s the right choice for you.

Private jet charter costs

To give you an accurate idea of the costs, here are a couple of real-life examples.

US tour

Here are some typical costs for private jet charter on a US-only tour. It includes eight stops, covering both the East and West Coasts:

Route: New York – Washington DC – Atlanta – Orlando – Miami – Las Vegas – Los Angeles – Denver – New York

Jet Type


Flight Times


Super Midsize

8 -10

12:16 – 16:39

$148,095 – $209,370


10 – 16

12:30 – 14:26

$199,265 – $315,365

Ultra Long Range

12 – 16

11:02 – 13:07

$283,115 – $337,940

VIP Airliner

16 – 50

11:51 – 13:49

$386,315 – $708,815


European tour

Here are some typical costs for private jet charter on a European tour. It includes eight stops, beginning and ending in Paris:

Paris – London – Berlin – Milan – Budapest – Barcelona – Ibiza – Mallorca – Paris

Jet Type


Flight Times


Super Midsize

8 -10

8:46 – 11:39

€72,301 – €102,926


10 – 16

8:55 – 10:12

€96,015 – €130,848

Ultra Long Range

12 – 16

7:57 – 9:19

€104,885 – €124,235

VIP Airliner

16 – 50

8:30 – 9:47

€174,972 – €256,429


Private jet perks

Music artists on tour want travel to be as efficient and unobtrusive as possible. And private jet charter can help with this.

Specifically, artists flying with via private jet can enjoy:

  • Bespoke journey plans

Brokers can speak with the artist’s Tour Manager to create a customized flight schedule, plotting out the fastest routes for minimum fuss.

  • VIP amenities

Artists can enjoy home comforts, custom requests for food and drink, and lush seats to help kick back and relax after a hard night’s work.

  • Near-instant security checks

The boarding process is much faster than it is at commercial airports. This means VIP access with no queues at FBOs, trusted staff who will be expecting the artist, and a car to drive you right up to the aircraft where possible.

  • On-flight sleeping facilities

On a busy tour, there will be a lot of partying – and plenty of late-night flights. Having a comfortable bed on the artist’s private jet can be a life saver. It means they can land at the next destination well-rested and ready to go again.

  • Custom-designed jets

If an artist wants to stand out like a true star, they might want to consider a custom design on the exterior of their private jet. Iron Maiden did it, after all. It’s a great way for an artist to announce themselves to the world.

  • Unparalleled safety

Good brokers will only arrange FAA-certified, third-party audited aircraft and crew that all meet strict safety criteria. And most can also arrange security to ensure no overzealous fans can get too close to the artist.


Which kind of artists use private jets?

In recent years, the demands placed on artists have changed drastically. The development of technology means fans expect more and more. For example, many artists are expected to interact directly with fans via their social media accounts. And tours have become increasingly demanding, with many artists making dozens or even hundreds of stops with very few days off.

This is a challenge which all kinds of artists face.

Many brokers focus on the USA only. But some, such as Paramount Business Jets, also have a strong international network.

These brokers can arrange private jet charter for:

  • Worldwide tours for A-list artists
  • One-off festivals
  • USA-only music tours
  • DJ circuits

As well as saving time and traveling in style, you’ll also enjoy perks such as:

  • A dedicated Flight Manager
  • Your choice of aircraft
  • Exclusive use of your aircraft
  • Customized schedule
  • Private check-in facilities
  • On-board special requests
  • Generous luggage allowance

Here are some common questions asked by artists and their management teams:

Can I bring instruments and expensive sound equipment on-board the private jet?

Before you book a private jet, discuss special equipment with your manager and your broker. This can include:

  • Guitars
  • Drum sets
  • DJ equipment
  • PA system
  • Speakers

All of this can take up a lot of space. Not only is it expensive, but it’s vital that it’s working on arrival. That’s why this is such an important part of the tour.

A good private jet broker will explore a range of aircraft and only consider those large enough to transport your important musical equipment.

Who is allowed on-board my private jet?

For some artists, privacy is of paramount importance. And for others, they need to be surrounded by their friends or management team at all times.

When you’re booking a private jet, point out any specific needs. The broker should make sure that the private jet arranged for you has plenty of space for everyone who’ll be on-board. But, at the same time, they shouldn’t recommend a jet which is larger than necessary.

If they do, this is a red flag.

Can I choose my own private jet?

Established brokers can provide access to upwards of 15,000 aircraft. That’s a lot of choice.

Brokers will recommend a number of aircraft based on your tour requirements. But, ultimately, you should have the final say over which one you like.

What if I need to change my flight details?

Changing flights at the last minute is unavoidable with a large-scale music tour. It’s just how it goes. Whether there are problems at the venue, a cancelled date, or maybe just an overindulgent night on the town – changes will be made.

If your private jet broker has access to a large number of aircraft, that means they’ll have the facilities needed to find a backup plan if something goes wrong.

Whatever happens, make sure you’re covered.

Are your private jets eco-friendly?

Environmental safety is an important issue in the modern era. You may have read some stories in the press about private jet charter. Many believe that they are not an eco-friendly way to travel – but there are ways to combat this.

When you book a private jet, your broker can arrange for you to invest in a green scheme which will offset your carbon imprint. What that means is that, for a small fee, they can help you improve the environment. For example, you can contribute to a scheme which plants trees in urban areas. The benefit to the environment will match or outweigh any damage from your private jet. This means you can enjoy uninterrupted private jet travel with a clear conscience.

This has become particularly important in recent years. Many artists are very aware of environmental health and are careful to choose a broker who understands the importance of their reputation.

Who do I speak to if there’s a problem?

When you commit to flying you should be introduced to your Personal Flight Manager. This will be your go-to person for any questions or issues. They’ll know all about your tour, so you won’t need to explain things over and over again.