Lizzo Accused of Stealing Her Famous “I’m 100% That Bitch” Line from “Truth Hurts”

Producer Justin Raisen is accusing singer Lizzo of plagiarizing the most famous line from her hit single “Truth Hurts,” making him the second person to make such claims.

On Instagram, Raisen said that he and a number of people collaborated on the following line of the song: “I just took a DNA test, turns out I’m 100% that bitch.” These people include producer/songwriter Yves Rothman, songwriter Jesse Saint John, and Lizzo, whose real name is Melissa Vivianne Jefferson.

Raisen further said that the four wrote the line for a demo called “Healthy,” and that he and the other two collaborators were never credited in “Truth Hurts.”

In 2017, when the song was released, the three collaborators say they tried to reach out to Ricky Reed, who is the co-writer and the producer of the song. They also tried to reach out to members of Jefferson’s team. When this failed, they started the wheels on their dispute.

For the past two years, the three have privately have been trying to work out a deal. They each want 5% of the proceeds from “Truth Hurts,” but because they are getting nowhere with their demands, they decided to go public with them as a means of relieving their “emotional distress.”

Cynthia S. Arato, who is a lawyer for Jefferson, insists that Raisen and the others did not participate in the creation of “Truth Hurts” and therefore are not entitled to any profit from it.

Raisen is not the only person accusing Jefferson of plagiarizing the song lyric.

British singer Mina Lioness insists that she tweeted the line prior to the release of “Truth Hurts.” She said that it represents “my creativity, my wit, and my comedy.”

Jefferson admits that “I’m 100% that bitch,” came from an Internet meme, and she credits it for the song’s inspiration, but she still insists that she has ownership of the phrase. She is even trying to trademark “100% That Bitch.”

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  1. Jess

    Asking for 5% profit because they literally contributed 4 words to a song is absurd….. Dismiss.