Japanese Fan Travels 6,000 Miles to Cleveland to Meet Bone Thugs n’ Harmony, Gets Robbed Blind by Locals

Ryo Muranaka, who is an aspiring Japanese rapper, traveled more than 6,000 miles to Cleveland, in the hope of meeting his idols: Bone Thugs n’ Harmony.

He also sold all his possessions to pay for the trip.

Then, tragedy struck. He was not only robbed of all his money somewhere on Cleveland’s rough-and-tumble northeast side, but the thieves also stole his luggage. Compounding Muranaka’s problems was that he cannot speak English well, meaning he was effectively stranded in a completely foreign city.

Discovered destitute by a pair of local activists, Kwas Bibbs and James Norton, Muranka was able to receive help from an unlikely source: Bone Thugs n’ Harmony themselves.

Not only did Layzie Bone put Muranka up at a local hotel after meeting the man, but MC Bizzy Bone will be flying Muranka back to Japan.  Layzie says that he is “putting my hands out there on behalf of Bone Thugs n’ Harmony.” He is doing this to show that they care and to show appreciation for all Muranka did to come out and meet them.

Bizzy further told Muranka to come back to the United States at another time, so that he could “do things properly.”

Krayzie Bone also commented on Muranka’s ordeal.

He said that it reminded him of what the group once did to become successful. Back when they were struggling artists, they took a one-way bus trip to Los Angeles in order to get their music in front of Eazy-E, which led to where they are today.

Krayzie went on to say that those who are looking to do the same thing should be careful about going to unfamiliar places.  While he says that people should follow their dreams, they should understand that “we’re not from the suburbs, we’re from the ghetto.”

He added that Muranka is lucky that all he lost was his luggage, because he could have easily lost his life as well.

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  1. Blobbo

    THis is the reality of the culture of crime crap generates. Cleveland is a dump thanks to crap culture.

    • Jonathan Thomas

      Yep… that’s why the NFL Draft, NCAA, and NBA is coming.

    • Jonathan Thomas

      Yep… that’s why the NFL Draft, NCAA, and NBA is coming.
      Jealous is so real…