Yes, the U.S. Secret Service Actually Interrogated Eminem Over Threats Against Trump

It’s now confirmed that the U.S. Secret Service interrogated rapper Eminem in regards to lyrics he sang about President Trump and his daughter Ivanka. While this might sound like a plot line from a movie, the interrogation actually took place on January 16th, 2018.

The Secret Service’s investigation was focused on the lyrics of Eminem’s “Framed” as well as some freestyling the rapper partook in at the 2017 BET Awards. According to the agency’s report, Eminem didn’t quite take the interrogation seriously. In fact, as one of the agents read the supposedly threatening lyrics, Eminem began rapping them. The interrogation ended soon afterward, and during an agency meeting a few days later, the Feds decided not to pursue charges against the rapper. They perceived that Eminem was not a legitimate threat to either the president or his family.

Sadly for Americans, all of this was paid for by John and Jane Taxpayer. The cost of the Secret Service’s investigation into Eminem’s lyrics is unknown, but it’s safe to say that it wasn’t an inexpensive endeavor. The focus of the Secret Service’s investigation seems to have been on the implied threats against the First Daughter in “Framed,” which included a number of violent allusions to her. But the report also mentioned threats the rapper supposedly made in his BET Awards freestyling, as a way of indicating that the threats in “Framed” were not an isolated incident.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the story is who alerted the Secret Service to the supposedly threatening lyrics: an unnamed TMZ reporter. This person called the agency the day Eminem’s Revival album was released, which contained “Framed.” The fact that a journalist was able to get the Secret Service to investigate a rapper’s lyrics is somewhat alarming, and raises questions about the government’s priorities.

Another interesting aspect of this story is how it relates to Eminem’s 2018 song “The Ringer,” which contains references to having the Secret Service question him. It turns out that this particular song was actually based on fact. The interrogation of Eminem was discovered after BuzzFeed filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the Secret Service. It’s unclear whether Eminem was aware of the BuzzFeed article when he wrote “The Ringer,” but the coincidence is certainly intriguing.

The fact that the Secret Service felt compelled to investigate Eminem’s lyrics is a testament to the power of music and the influence that artists can have on the public discourse. It’s also a reminder that freedom of speech is not an absolute right, and that there are limits to what individuals can say without facing consequences.

At the same time, it’s worth remembering that Eminem is a rapper, not a politician or a policymaker. His lyrics are designed to shock and provoke, and it’s unlikely that he intended any harm to the president or his family. While the Secret Service was right to take the investigation seriously, it’s also important to keep things in perspective and not overreact to what is essentially an artistic expression.

In conclusion, the Secret Service’s investigation into Eminem’s lyrics is a fascinating and somewhat bizarre story that raises a number of questions about the role of the government in regulating speech and the power of music to influence public opinion. While the investigation itself was likely a waste of taxpayer dollars, it’s also a reminder that we need to be vigilant about potential threats to our leaders and their families, even if those threats come from unexpected sources. Ultimately, the story of Eminem and the Secret Service is a cautionary tale about the importance of free speech, and the need to balance individual rights with the needs of society as a whole.

Here’s just one sample of Eminem taking down the Donald from 2017 — before the Secret Service dropped by.

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  1. eminem's a junkie

    Eminem’s a shitty untalented JUNKIE. On xanaxes, benzos n shit, they guy’s fucked in the head from all the drugs and all his newer music is horrid as his face and his legacy. FUCK HIM

  2. BAC

    If you ask these people why they hate Donald Trump, they can’t give a straight answer. They can’t provide any facts. They can’t provide any details based on what Trump has actually said.

    It’s all “he’s a racist” or “he hates immigrants” or stuff like that. Where’s the proof that he’s a racist or hates immigrants? Trump married two different immigrants. Has Eminem or any Trump critic actually listened to any of Trump’s speeches? I don’t think they have.

    Eminem is just a partisan. He only likes Democrats, no matter how corrupt they are. He hates Republicans because he doesn’t know history.

    The last Republican mayor of Detroit left in early 1962. Since then, that town has been ruled by Democrats, most of them corrupt.

    Meanwhile, Eminem is out shilling for shitty Chrysler cars “imported from Detroit”. What a whore.

    As comedian Bill Hicks once said, “If you do a commercial, you’re off the artistic roll call forever. End of story. OK? You’re another corporate fucking shill. You’re another whore at the capitalistic gang bang. And if you do a commercial, there’s a price on your head. Everything you say is suspect. And every word that comes out of your mouth is like a turd falling into my drink.”

    • deepfreeze

      AAwwwww C’mon now, can this really be the end……………?

  3. Truth.

    And this is the reason why he is a LEGEND!!!!! Go Em!!! All those rednecks that talk down on you now were the same white boys back in the 90s who wanted to be from the hood. He is the only one that stood the test. That’s because he actually grew up in a ghetto. We all know the suburban kids had to start training to learn how to fight with in recent years. Lol.